Take a look at your calendar and count the number of video conference calls you’ve attended or are yet to attend. It’s probably a lot! These days, video conferencing is our “new normal.”  We meet with colleagues, potential clients and industry leaders by video.

Plus, we’re producing more video in our offices and homes in order to stay top of mind and prep for our recovery.

But of all the ways to reach out and touch someone, this may be the scariest for many people.

Here are a couple of video strategies that will help strengthen your video presence.

The Power of Face-to-Face Video

While we may live and work miles apart, the power of a face-to-face meeting shrinks those miles. Short of jumping on a plane, here are two options to amp up the power of your next video meeting.

  1. Whether you want to meet one-to-one or one-to-many, Zoom is a free video conferencing tool that allows you to share screens and host up to three participants. The paid version provides up to 100 seats along with screen sharing. You can even record your conversation. Super easy!
    1. Try repurposing that recording into shorter bite-sized chunks of video content for your blog, newsletter or social posts.
    2. Ace your next video with these tech & lighting tips.
  2. Voicemail is good, but wouldn’t you love to ramp it up to GREAT? If you want to add an even more personal touch, how about recording a quick video message and emailing it. Using Loom  makes it easy to record a quick video to strengthen a budding business relationship.
    1. Then take Loom up a notch when you use it to provide a quick screen sharing video. Imagine the possibilities. When you email your video the recipient can play the video right in email; no linking to another video site.  In addition, you and the recipient can save the video.
    2. Prep like a pro with these live video tips.

Video Checklist

Video Matters

The popularity of video can be maximized with these tactics:

  1. Create short, shareable videos to showcase your expertise and boost your credibility
  2. When shooting video, use the landscape layout for a more expansive view on Facebook
    • Repurpose your video into blog posts and future marketing events
  3. Interview key suppliers, clients and colleagues
  4. Use an external microphone in a quiet area to attain optimal audio
  5. Ensure visual quality with an external webcam. Here’s my favorite.
  6. Consider using a virtual background
  7. If your clients are on SnapChat or TikTok create video specifically for those platforms

Strong connections are vital to our industry and your business. Don’t let another opportunity to meet slip by without making the most of your opportunity to strengthen relationships from a distance. Video is a win-win.

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Catherine Heeg

Catherine Heeg, International speaker & trainer, focuses on social media marketing strategies for the tourism and hospitality industry. Connect with her at www.cmsspeaking.com  and socially.