Some cities seem to have it all: culture, history and, of course, fashion. Fashion capitals around the globe have long attracted aspiring designers and admirers of style, especially during trend-setting fashion weeks and other prominent shows. If you love the art and passion of the fashion world and want to experience it first-hand, take your next vacation to one of these posh towns.


According to The Global Language Monitor’s annual report, London consistently remains at the top of the list for most fashionable cities. It was ranked the world’s most fashionable city in 2011 and 2012 and continues to impress with its show-stopping designers and shows. To get your Brit fashion fix, Vogue News suggests taking a fashion tour with qualified tour guides who know the inside scoop of the London fashion scene. The guides will give you a rundown of the city’s fashion history and then take you to some exclusive sites such as the Queen’s dressmaker’s studio and Vogue’s headquarters in Hanover Square.


Paris is the city of love, lights and fashion – a perfect trifecta. Any time is an ideal time to be in Paris, but for style fans nothing beats Paris Fashion Week. The hottest designers from around the word showcase their up-and-coming catalogs and lucky attendees get a first glimpse of the new season’s styles. The spring fashion week in Paris is in March, but if you can’t make it, there are fashionable sights to see all over the city. One must-see stop is the Palais Galliera, an iconic museum of fashion located in a Renaissance-inspired palace. You can view clothes from every decade and every trend in the world of high fashion.

New York

New York may not always be ranked No. 1 in GLM’s annual fashion capital report, but it always finds its way back. And it beat out London and Paris for 2014’s list, so now is the time to visit this immortal fashion mecca. If you can manage to get your way into New York Fashion Week, by all means go, but there are ways to explore the city’s fashion culture any time of year.

First, visit many of the original stores of designers and brands you love that started out in the Big Apple. For example, Coach started in New York City in 1941. You can visit the historic headquarters and flagship store and pick yourself up one of hottest handbags of the season. If you haven’t had your fill of fashion history, visit the Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see more than 35,000 costumes and accessories from around the world, some dating back to the 15th century.

São Paulo, Brazil

South American cities have recently made a big splash in the fashion world with unique cutting-edge styles and flair. According to the New York Times, Brazil has made rapid progress in fashion, mostly due to São Paulo Fashion Week, making the city they world’s fifth most important fashion capital. Attending one of the fashion shows in São Paulo will bring you a unique look at South American-inspired trends and style. One place to visit to see the heart of Brazilian design is the FAAP international school of fashion which regularly puts on exhibits from up and coming and prominent designers. Most recently, the school showcased fashion photographer Mario Testino’s iconic photographs.