When cycling in the winter, you don’t want to freeze, slip, or malfunction while on a journey. So, check out some tips and tricks to effectively bike with ease.

After consistently biking through the other seasons, you don’t want to stop just because winter has arrived. With simple changes like layering up, throwing on a backpack, and switching to your winter tires, you’ll be on your way!

Packing Extra Gear

A great tip for winter cycling is to pack extra gear to take out with you. You never know what you may need, so pack a first-aid kit, sunglasses, tissue, lip balm, and even a flashlight!

Using the Proper Drinking Container

Having an insulated water bottle will help by keeping your beverage of choice at the ideal temperature. Be sure to get a water bottle that’s malleable and able to be hooked onto something. A regular water bottle will be liable to drop and break if you slide it into the holder.

Wearing the Proper Clothing

Layering up is considered the proper clothing attire for the winter. When biking, it is vital to allow your body to breathe, but certain body parts don’t need to be exposed to the cold air when cycling.

Staying warm and not wet is a key to preventing pneumonia! Remember to cover your head, feet, and torso. Wearing either thermals or spandex is a great way to layer your activewear. Be sure that your clothing is also reflective or bright, so you’re visible on the roads!

Cleaning Your Bike

A tip or trick for winter cycling is to make sure you take great care of your bike. Cleaning your bike as much as your car when you use it is essential. The buildup of salt and debris on your wheels, paddles, and chain can stop the bike from working smoothly.

Changing Your Wheels

Changing your wheels is essential during the winter because of the road debris. The traction from the tires is what keeps you grounded. With black ice, regular ice, and other dangers of winter, you want beefier tires.

The tires should also be puncture-resistant, so you’re not walking the bike home! The winter will be a breeze with these tips and tricks for winter cycling. Don’t be outside this winter unprepared while trying to get your daily miles in!