A trip to the Outlets at Tejon Ranch in Southwest California won’t disappoint with premier retailing and dining options galore

California’s long been a destination of choice for travelers. Its beaches, mountains, cities and national parks attract people from every corner of the globe. Aside from natural beauty, the Outlets at Tejon offer premier shopping and amazing deals on designer brands, every day.

Outlets at Tejon. Photo courtesy of Thank You (24 million) views via Flickr

Tejon Ranch, a California Landmark

The Outlets at Tejon Ranch is a part of a California landmark.  The historic Tejon Ranch, which sits between Los Angeles and Bakersfield, is the largest working ranch in all of California. Located on Interstate 5, the main north-south highway in California, the Outlets at Tejon will offer a world-class shopping experience with more than 70 designer brand-name stores offering huge savings.

Fashion isn’t new to Tejon Ranch. Jaw-dropping sunrises and sunsets, rock outcroppings and prairies set against rugged mountains draw people from around the globe. In fact, the ranch’s rich landscape has long been the backdrop for films, commercials and high-end fashion shoots.

Tejon Ranch, California. Photo courtesy of California Depatment of Fish and Wildlife

The Outlets at Tejon

When making travel plans to California, Tejon Ranch should be at the top of everyone’s itinerary. A land of legacy, Tejon Ranch embodies the rich history and illustrious views of classic California. With that being said, the center’s California-mission design blends seamlessly with the beauty of the surrounding landscape, complementing the dramatic impact of the mountains and valleys of the area. Lush courtyards and well-tended grounds (complete with a replica of Bakersfield’s historic Beale Clock Tower) help it fit in with the natural ranch environment. Visitors can take advantage of the space with its comfortable outdoor seating and enjoy the gorgeous scenery during a quick respite between stores.

Open-air shopping at the Outlets at Tejon. Photo courtesey of Thank You (24 million) views via Flickr

Beautifully designed, the center was also built for comfort and convenience. Its circular shape makes for easy navigation. Accordingly, the open-air layout is inviting and environmentally-friendly, providing a pleasant shopping experience. “Cool roofs” deflect heat so the interior stays at a comfy shopping temperature while strategically-placed canopies provide shade for shoppers.

Outlets at Tejon Offer Group Travel Amenities

Beauty and convenience is at the core of the Outlets at Tejon, and group travelers will especially reap the benefits. Amenities include plenty of on-site motor coach parking for large groups and bus tours. This is coupled with a convenient bus drop-off location, and abundant oversized, upscale restrooms. Its integrated food court and sit-down restaurant options provide a selection to please any appetite. In addition, group meal package opportunities are the perfect complement to any value-shopping trip. Groups also have access to lots of shopping perks, like special coupons, discounts and offers from select retailers. Another perk is driver and group leader privileges you won’t find anywhere else but at Tejon Ranch. Customers can also join the Outlets at Tejon Ranch VIP Club for more exclusive sales and offers.

Food court. Photo courtesy of Thank You (24 million) views via Flickr

Prime Location

Less than two hours north of LAX, Tejon Ranch is the ideal shopping stop for groups heading to the Sequoia and Yosemite National Parks, the San Francisco Bay Area, Lake Tahoe and the Pacific Northwest. If you’re traveling south from Northern California, it’s on the route to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orange County and the rest of sunny Southern California.

Wherever your West Coast travels take you, Tejon Ranch is on the way, and the Outlets at Tejon are a perfect addition to any California itinerary.

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