One of the major concerns of school and youth performance groups is finding affordable and interesting places to go.  Over the last 24 months the cost to visit the Big 3 student destinations (New York, Washington DC, and Orlando) has increased approximately 20%. This has forced many performance groups to look for affordable alternatives.

Good News for Bands, Choirs and Orchestras

Throughout the United States there are more cities, convention and visitors bureaus and special events organizations offering student performance groups a more affordable option. These options come in the form of competitions, special event performances and unique venues. Through the efforts of Prep Traveler, a list of places to perform is now available. Breaking away from the traditional student destination, there are many opportunities for groups to perform. The key is to get this information in the hands of student tour operators and the performance groups themselves.

What makes this whole program unique is now student performance groups can travel to a nearby city (within eight hours travel time), experience a competitive or non-competitive festival or event and still provide the students an affordable educational experience. Through the combined efforts of interested organizations, performance groups can still take an inexpensive trip and have fun, too.