If you have ever returned home from a delightful and relaxing vacation only to realize that you have no idea where some of your personal possessions are, you are far from alone. As Y98 notes, a recent survey found that .2 percent of travelers confessed to losing their own child while on vacation. Fortunately, that same group managed to also relocate their wayward kiddos.

While most of us probably manage to keep tabs on our children while we are away, there are plenty of other items that are more likely to be left behind. The following four belongings are among the most common things we lose while traveling.

Honey, where’s my camera?

Nearly everyone knows someone who brings a camera with them on vacation, only to leave it behind…Somewhere!? In addition to being easy to lose track of, cameras are also easily stolen by opportunistic petty thieves. To avoid losing your high quality camera while you are away—and all of your great vacation photos too—try to never set it down while you are out and about but instead use custom camera straps to hang it around your neck. You can also keep it inside a purse or backpack when not in use.

Have you seen my tablet?

Tablets like iPads and Kindles are also commonly lost on vacation. While some people who are not used to carrying a tablet with them all the time leave them behind due to forgetfulness, their nice price tag also makes them an attractive item for thieves to nab. As Dallas News notes, people who arrive back home only to find that their tablet is nowhere to be found should call their hotel right away and report the missing item. Larger chains typically have a database of found items that they can look up and smaller places usually have a lost and found box near the reservation desk.

I can’t find my shades!

As anyone who has ever misplaced their favorite pair of sunglasses probably knows quite well, it is really easy to lose our shades. In fact, a whopping 27 percent of people who take them on vacation leave them behind. Sunglasses are typically taken off and set down someplace when we are not wearing them, and in the hustle and bustle of travel it can be easy to lose them. Although sunglasses straps are maybe not the most fashionable thing ever created, they do serve a purpose and can help us keep tabs on our often pricey sunglasses.

As a side note, if you accidentally break your sunglass lenses while you are on vacation, you probably don’t have to shell out the money for a new pair. There are companies like Revant Optics that sell high-quality replacement lenses for top brands like Oakley and Ray-Ban; this is a terrific alternative to purchasing new sunglasses.

Has anyone seen my phone?

Mobile phones are also on the top 10 list of commonly lost items while on vacation. Because they are small and often kept in a pocket, they can fall out and not be noticed. And like some of the other items, they are also a target of theft. Make it a point to pat your pocket frequently to make sure the phone is still there, or consider carrying it inside a purse or backpack.

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