For 22 years, I’ve occupied this piece of real estate in Leisure Group Travel magazine. From the day I introduced myself to the world of group travel as a newly minted publisher through navigating difficult days following September 11th and “where do we go from here” times like these last 20 months, I’ve tried to provide a voice of reason for the group travel industry and lend what knowledge I’ve picked up along the way.

I enjoy this space and the opportunity it presents me, however, I feel I’m robbing others of their opportunity. As our business has grown, I’m torn away from Leisure Group Travel on a dayto-day basis. Not that I don’t enjoy the product or industry. It’s, as you would say, “in my blood” now.

Say hello to my little friends

But lately, I’ve felt my column is not indicative of ownership of the Leisure Group Travel product where both managing editor Jason Paha and associate publisher Dave Bodle have much to do with the day-to-day success of this brand.

Jason is a brilliant journalist, spot-on editor and avid traveler. Dave lends his expertise to this brand like no other in the industry. It’s only fair that I share this editorial space with them going forward. So, as 2022 rolls around, you’ll see Jason and Dave share this editorial space with an occasional entry by yours truly.

I’m not going anywhere, mind you. In fact, I’m cooking up my next concoction, a Traveling Tribes podcast where I explore the personalities behind group travel and help others on their path to success in leading groups. I believe that group travel is entering its golden age and I’m committed to helping cultivate the next generation so they too can learn the ropes, just as we did. Watch for the debut of the Traveling Tribes podcast on and wherever you enjoy listening to podcasts.

In the meantime, please welcome Jason and Dave to the fold!

By Jeffrey Gayduk