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Marty Sarbey de Souto

I know that some of you have not yet ventured into overseas tours and cruises or longer tours here in the U.S. Your traveling groups may consist primarily of those who enjoy one-day excursions to nearby destinations or perhaps short overnight trips. And, on many of these trips you probably have different folks on board for each trip; it isn’t an ongoing, continuing trip with the same people who get to know your rules and what you expect of those who travel with you.

You may wish, therefore, to consider making up a handout to all who sign up for your excursions. Here’s my magic dozen points you might wish to mention on your handout.

  1. Front seats in the coach are reserved for trip escort(s) and personnel operating the trip.
  2. If you sat near the front of the coach in the morning, please rotate and sit in the rear or middle of the coach in the afternoon. Do not keep a front area seat for the entire trip.