Leisure Group Travel pays homage to female tourism

We all know how important women are to upholding the fabric of society.

They give birth to us, nurture us and metaphorically keep the ship afloat when men steer our lives into the rocks.

To borrow a quote from the great poets the Beastie Boys: “To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends, I want to offer my love and respect to the end.”

This month’s edition of Leisure Group Travel, the Women in Travel issue, offers respect and celebrates the influential role of women in the travel industry.

Some great places for women to travel

With the women’s travel market sporting a robust 67 million participants, contributing to an annual industry worth exceeding $20 trillion, women are the driving force behind the travel industry. This issue reflects that as we shine a spotlight on five influential women who are proving why they are vanguards of group travel.

The girlfriend getaway market is also seeing considerable growth, generating around $200 million annually. Understanding this, LGT delves into the rise of female travel and discovers that now, more than ever, women are joining together and hitting the roads less traveled.

LGT also pays a visit to South Dakota and uncovers some of the top female getaways in the Mount Rushmore State. From bike tours to ziplines, South Dakota is an incredible state for women to explore.

We even venture to the East Coast where LGT discovers the spookiest haunts in New York before lightening the mood (literally) by witnessing the most radiant Christmas lights in the Big Apple.

Also residing in the East is Maryland, home to various shrines to Black history. LGT does a deep dive on many of these destinations including the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Scenic Byway, a 125-mile driving route featuring important Tubman-related landmarks.

Clearly, this issue of Leisure Group Travel covers a lot of ground. Make sure to pick up a copy for the favorite woman in your life. And give her a kiss on the cheek for good measure.

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Happy travels,

Jason Paha

Chief Editor