Utah’s Color Country is one of the best places in the world to hike and bike

Gliding through lush meadows near wild antelopes and scaling rocky ledges that overlook miles of beautiful landscape from the seat of your bike seems like something out of a dream.

However, with Aquarius Trail and Hut System by Escape Adventures in Utah, that dream is brought into the conscious realm, even though experiences like these will make you believe otherwise.

The Aquarius Trail and Hut System will provide a true backcountry experience with a hint of luxury for those biking the multi-purpose trail. The Aquarius Trail links 175 miles of forested double-track and existing singletrack trails from the peak of Brian Head down to the town of Escalante. The trail twists and turns through some of Utah’s most beautiful locations including Hell’s Backbone, Red Canyon, and Powell Point.

With a trip that has a fully planned itinerary, fully stocked equipment and food provided at each stop, the Aquarius System accommodates its traveler’s needs off the beaten trail and lets breathtaking nature do the rest.

Utah is a picturesque state

Hanging Out at the Huts

Hanging out at the huts in Utah is always a fun endeavor.

Located in western Utah, the Aquarius Trail and Hut System brings its tenants face-to-face with, arguably, the most breathtaking state the United States has to offer. Utah is home to many different ecosystems and biomes. Everywhere you look holds a different world within itself: all lush with wonder, life and new experiences to uncover.

To Director of Escape Adventures, Jared Fisher, that’s what makes Utah stand out among the rest. “Utah is one of the most beautiful states in the continental USA, so much diversity gives it a unique edge,” said Fisher. “It’s almost as if you have to visit four or five other states in order to get all the different ecosystems and landscapes that the state of Utah gives you in just one.”

This uniqueness is something those at Escape Adventures want their guests to experience for themselves, free from the distractions of the electronic world of the 21st century. The Aquarius System prioritizes off-the-grid living while traveling with them. After each adventure-filled day, guests will stay at a different hut each night along their trail. Their strategically placed huts are made from refurbished, high-top shipping containers which offer the perfect, tucked away-into-nature feel, really allowing the tenants to be immersed within the land around them and live side by side with nature. Constructed to be off-grid, each hut is equipped with propane and solar-powered amenities and a foot-pump hand wash station.

“Our intention and goal is to provide the best cycling hut system in the United States utilizing an off-grid footprint,” said Fisher.

Each of these huts is fully supplied with different equipment needed along the trip, as well as a fully stocked fridge that takes into consideration those with vegetarian and gluten-free dietary restrictions. The only thing riders will need to bring along with them from hut to hut is their clothing and snacks for along the way. All other details are provided at each stop.

“It is a really great way to enter the world of bike packing without having to worry about too much,” said Fisher. “You can also carry a pillowcase and sleeping bag liner, but other than that everything is waiting at the Hut.”

Embracing nature in Utah

Hatch Hut Views

The views in Utah are second-to-none.

With the nitty-gritty details of traveling figured out for you, it’s much easier to dive into the universe that is western Utah. Since Utah offers so many different ecosystems, the idea of embracing nature for the betterment of physical and mental health is widely accepted and highly beneficial.

Through Aquarius Systems, the promotion of physical health is one of the forefronts of the expedition. Each day is packed full of physical activities; from hiking through wonderous ponderosa and juniper forests to mountain biking up strenuous elevations, then ending the day with fueling your body with nutrient-filled meals. This trip is the ultimate voyage to self-care and the incorporation of self-discovery.

Utah is a great place to savor nature

Being immersed in nature offers more to people than physical benefits. Being completely surrounded and immersed in nature allows people to unplug from the digital world and reconnect to the cosmos. For generations, the idea of nature bathing has been a tool used for fueling one’s soul. The idea and act of reconnecting oneself to nature are therapeutic and meditative, allowing one to let go of the stresses in the outside world and completely give way to all things natural. With the convenience of the Aquarius Trail and Hut Systems, travelers are able to do just that. Every aspect of the System is perfectly designed to pull people together on an expedition of physical health and reconnecting: with each other, with oneself, and with the world around them.

The forests, meadows and lava beds are filled to the brim with opportunities for healing, learning and making new memories. These trails have been soaked in the experiences and laughter of all of those who have traveled the same pathways before you. The trails are alive and brimming with opportunity. Listen close, and you might just hear it calling to you.

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By McCartney Walsh