Traveling to different countries gives you the opportunity to experience all the sounds, tastes and sights that make each one so distinctive. Travel requires you to step outside of your comfort zones and can give writing inspiration you wouldn’t necessarily get at home.

When you travel, you experience life in a different way and it heightens all your senses. Capturing this in your writing transports readers so they feel the moment and the location as though they are there themselves.

Go outside of your comfort zones

New experiences outside of your comfort zones can release blockages in your mind. Try out foods you have never eaten before, climb a challenging mountain or swim across a lake. Stretching yourself can give you the freedom to express yourself in new ways.

Feeling uncomfortable can be a positive sign that you’re getting out of a rut and you can start discovering and learning what is truly meaningful in life and start conveying that to others in your writing. When traveling, it is easier to have those moments of genuine living rather than merely existing.

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Stimulate your senses

Stimulating your senses helps to release your creative writing juices. When traveling, you need to immerse yourself in the local culture, taste and smell the food, touch the fabrics, notice the contrasts in the scenery and more to be able to describe this to readers.

A simple smell, for example, can evoke a memory of a particular place like nothing else. Seeing awe-inspiring sights like a medieval castle perched on a hill or the stained glass windows in an old church can help you to write more creatively. For college students traveling and looking for essay writing ideas, there are good resources that offer some creative suggestions.

Look beneath the surface

Tourists often tend to be quite superficial in how they experience a new place. Noticing what others don’t notice is the best way to make sure your writing has color and depth.

Why does a particular crop grow in one area and not another? What spices give the food its exotic flavor? Why do the locals have a particular superstition? What is the history of the old inn in the middle of the village?


Asking questions like these help you to penetrate beyond the surface and unearth interesting details that will give flavor to your writing. After all, traveling is not limited to Instagram photos. Instead, as the curious traveler, you must strive to explore new frontiers and widen your horizons.

Get to know the locals

Many tourists do not take the opportunity to get to know the locals. They stay in hotels, go on sightseeing tours to all the usual sites and miss out on experiencing a location through the eyes of the locals. You can’t avoid interacting with the locals and expect to truly know a place.

One thing that is common all over the world is a love of stories. When you get to know the locals and understand more about their way of life, you are likely to uncover a wealth of stories. Gathering stories wherever you go can immensely enrich your own story.

Value your perspective

If you feel like so many writers have already written about a specific location, you need to realize that you see it in a different way to them. The experiences you have are uniquely your own, from the people you converse with to the food you choose to eat and the way a place makes you feel.

Perhaps you have more interest in the significance of certain color use in a particular place or in the myths the people believe than other writers. Grasp what makes your writing unique and you won’t be short of an audience.

A last word

You will never exhaust all the wonderful places you can travel to in the world so it is important to start before it is too late. Experience how travel stimulates your writing and you won’t hesitate. Interpreting the place and people you see from your perspective and in your own voice allow others to feel as though they are living your experiences with you.

Joshua Robinson works at the senior managerial level for a tech startup in Silicon Valley. On the side, he works for an online assignment service and loves to help students with their essays, thesis and dissertation work. In his free time, he likes watching wildlife documentaries, reading autobiographies and playing golf.