Your bags are packed, your boarding passes are printed and you’re about to jet off to your vacation destination. As much as you want to take your loved ones along, this isn’t always possible. But it doesn’t mean they need to miss out on all the fun. If you’re eager to share all your vacation moments with family and friends, consider the following options:

Tell a Story With a Scrapbook

A scrapbook is a perfect way to show off your vacation to all your family and friends. But if you’re having trouble deciding which pictures to highlight, pick five snapshots from each place you visited or activity you did and add a few lines beneath the photographs. Make it as serious or funny as you like. Also make sure to include some souvenirs from your travels to decorate the pages. Add local currency, a matchbox cover or a ticket stub to the pages of your book.

Give Them Highlights With a Video Montage

Even though your family wants to hear about your trip and see pictures, they want the highlights, not to spend all day flipping through pics on your computer. Instead of boring them with endless pictures, make a video montage to share the most important parts of your trip. Set your highlight reel to music to make it a little more entertaining. Video montages are also great for showing off time-lapse photography and panoramic views. Ytravel suggests taking long and short shots, being aware of background noise, capturing the light and keeping it short to make a great video.

Update Them in Real Time With Social Media

Do you come from a family who doesn’t like to wait on anything? They want to know about your trip as it is happening. With Facebook and Instagram, you can post your pictures in real time. This way your family can experience your travels immediately. But, if you don’t want to broadcast your travels to everyone in your feed, make certain you customize your privacy settings so it is only available to the people you’ve selected for your posts.

Do It the Old-Fashioned Way With Photography

If you take your photography seriously, be sure to capture some memorable shots of your vacation. Invest in a DSLR, a couple of lenses and a tripod to get a variety of shots. Your family and friends will definitely be impressed with your photos. And who knows? Maybe you can even earn some extra income by submitting your photographs to a stock photography service like Shutterstock. These services look for beautiful and worldly images just like yours.

Make It Sentimental With a Journal

Even though photos are a great way to capture and preserve your memories, there’s a different feel to a journal. You can say a little something about how you felt as you watched a waterfall or reflect on how you viewed a particular painting. Keep a journal to offer your friends a complete picture of your travels. Post maps, highlight different routes you took, describe the sounds and smells of a particular site and include your top 10 list from your travels. Those who love details will absolutely love reading your journal with you.