Group travel isn’t appealing to everyone. For some of us, the thought of going abroad with a large group of people, some friends and some strangers, can cause huge amounts of stress that leave us anxious, rather than relaxed and refreshed once we’ve returned home. However, why should you not learn to enjoy such an experience? No one wishes to miss out on a group travel experience, especially because it can help us develop as humans, teach us new things and welcome us to new and exciting experiences. So, if you’re someone who’s nervous about their next vacation with a large group of people, what can you do about it?

Prepare ahead of time for the group trip

To relieve stress, it will help if you understand where you’re going and what you’ll be doing. Having this information will make you feel more at ease about what you’re getting yourself into. You won’t have as many questions or be as apprehensive when you do your homework and are able to mentally prepare for the group trip in advance. Check the weather, climate and temperatures; look at the nearby amenities and prepare yourself for the flight if it’s a long one. Pack books, read up on the destination, and if you’re worried about food, find options best suited to you and your diet.

Look & feel your best


Photo credit: William Rouse on Unsplash

You’re going to have a lot more fun when you look and feel your best on your getaway. Stick with your exercise routine, buy clothes that are flattering and make sure you pack medications such as your amino acid hair treatment, paracetamol and prescriptions. Abandoning your medications can cause a lot of trouble down the line, so ensure you’ve included them in your luggage. Whether you can buy your medications abroad is dependent on the country you’re visiting.

Be open to meeting new people

This is a chance for you to mingle and chat with new people. While you’ll be there with friends, you’ll also be able to speak to new individuals who can teach you a thing or two. Use this trip as an opportunity to connect with individuals outside your normal circle and learn new tidbits about those who you aren’t as close with. The difference in the amount of enjoyment you have on your trip may depend on if you’re willing and open to converse and spend time with others you don’t know much about.

Take time out for individual exploration

Although you’re on a group trip, it’s extremely important you make time for you and sneak away to enjoy individual exploration. Hit the spa, nap in your room or take a swim in your free time. It’s probably not a good idea to stay up late each night and not take care of yourself. You want to be fresh and in a good mood for each new daily adventure, so remember to find some alone time during your getaway. Make sure you don’t abandon all your home comforts, for example, if you enjoy a bath, make sure you have time for one before heading out in the evening. If you love to read, sit on the beach with your book and tell people not to disturb you – if they’re your true friends, they won’t mind.

While group travel isn’t for everyone, you won’t know if you like it or not until you give it a shot yourself. You have to be willing to socialize and step outside your comfort zone to get the full benefits of traveling with others. Remember not to over think it too much and enjoy the time away.

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