It’s a brand new year, which means exciting, new opportunities await! Are you ready to take on 2015 in style? For the modern woman, this may mean new destinations to visit for business or leisure. Here’s a list of innovative travel gadgets to make travel more convenient and enjoyable for the girl on the go.

If you’re headed to the Pride event in Austin next month, accessorize! Since Austin is renowned for its music scene, consider bringing along a trendy wireless device for enjoying tunes while you’re there.


1Voice developed a hip, adorable beanie that has Bluetooth headphones built-in so that you can stream your music from your portable device to your toasty ears. Stay warm and rock out!

Apple Watch

Another stylish and practical tech accessory on the must-have list: the Apple Watch. It basically ties a computer to your wrist, but in a sleek and fashionable way. The Apple Watch, scheduled to be released later this year, puts you in control, even when you’re away from the home or office. Headed to London for the Women of the World (WOW) event in March? The Apple Watch makes a bold fashion statement while allowing you to check the weather, pull up your flight itinerary, manage your schedule of events, and store photos all while controlling the door locks, lights and thermostats back at home.

iPad Mini

Also from Apple, the iPad mini with retina display. If you are planning a getaway to beautiful Bali, the number-one Aussie vacation spot, the fully app-loaded mini is small enough to hold in one hand but is huge in capability.

Selfie Stick

The Selfie Stick may seem vain at first glance, but the device comes in handy when taking in the sights by yourself. If you plan to visit New Zealand this year, how else can you capture the perfect shot of yourself in front of the One Tree Hill Obelisk? Selfie Sticks also have a Bluetooth remote integrated into the handle, so you can easily snap shots of your smiling face in front of multiple vantage points.


And finally, a device that’s optimal for an exotic and photogenic locale like Fiji, Lyve is an app that allows you access any photo you have ever taken, on any of your devices. It consolidates photos and videos and stores them for you, only without the risk present in cloud storage. Once you’ve installed the app on your mobile, the device itself stores up to 2TB of photos and videos and exhibits your pics on a built-in digital display.

If you are a busy modern woman juggling work, relationships, family and travel, the new year has ushered in a ton of tech gadgets designed for your needs. You can get ready, get organized and get out the door in style. With the right technology devices, apps and innovations, you can rest assured that you’re prepared so you can focus on what you deserve most: having fun in style.