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Those seeking to do good in the world can take part in these soul-enhancing sojourns

Whether they take place halfway across the world or one state over, faith-based trips are some of the most rewarding excursions one can take. And even though many borders have been closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, faith-based communities still want to lend a helping hand. If you are considering a mission trip when the borders completely reopen, these companies are a good place to start.

Matthew 25: Ministries – Blue Ash, Ohio

What began as a volunteer trip to Nicaragua with founder Rev. Wendell Mettey and a group of doctors and nurses soon turned in a lifelong mission to help give aid to developing countries. Matthew 25: Ministries is an international humanitarian aid and disaster relief organization that not only sends disaster relief, but also helps out with job creation, education and handing out food in villages.

Matthew 25 has volunteer opportunities for everyone from the ages of 3 to 93 at its more than 200,000-square-foot facility in Blue Ash. It also suggests off-campus activities for groups of all abilities.


Edge Impact – Bernardsville, New Jersey

This organization is a beacon of hope for young people where they are able to not only reach out and volunteer, but grow as Christians. Edge Impact promotes and encourages young people between the ages of 13 and 25 to go out and foster a relationship with Christ and share in the love that he gives them.

This organization works closely with inner city youth, instilling the necessary life skills to help them prosper. Teens and young adults are given the chance to develop these skills and become entrepreneurs.

One of the trips this organization offers is a tri-state mission experience in Pennsylvania, New Jersey as well as New York.

Attendees will work with inner city at-risk teens in New Jersey, run a four-day motocross camp for young riders in Pennsylvania and then spend two days of street ministry in New York, exploring the city and reaching out to people in need with love, prayer and hope.

Global Field Evangelism – Adamsville, Tennessee

There is one goal in mind for Global Field Evangelism and that is to help spread the good word to countries that may not have the opportunity to worship.

RTPG2021_MT_Mexico jezael-melgoza-3snKY0XMKwg-unsplash

Hence the name Global Field, which is to not only speak the word to the people of the world, but to connect with them in their own communities and lift themselves up with the message of God. Global Field offers a variety of mission trips including a Guatemala trip where you can be a part of transforming a poor village; a trip to Nicaragua, where volunteers will carry out four medical-dental clinics in rural, mountainous communities where families survive on less than $1 per day; and a mission to Mexico where skilled and unskilled workers can help build homes in the Ensenada area.

Operation Mobilization

This global organization features 6,800 people working in 118 nations to build communities of Christ followers, provide humanitarian assistance and demonstrate compassion. It accomplishes its core values through church planting, evangelism, relief and development and mentoring and discipleship.

One of its mission trips pays a visit to Ukraine, where the goal is to support the ongoing ministry to village churches in the Vinnitsa province to establish children’s and teen ministry and Sunday schools. Those who wish to mentor will cherish this excursion.

This trip has been described as an extreme summer camp where visitors can be part of igniting the flame for children’s ministry that 70 years of communism has all but put out.

By Brandie Lorenzen

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