Summer is a beautiful time to visit New York City. Unlike the frigid winter, summer in NYC is hot and humid with average temperatures ranging between 69 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In fact, be prepared to experience wide ranges in temperatures within the span of one day, with a chance of warm showers throughout the summer.

Despite the weather, summer in NYC offers a variety of outdoor festivals, art and entertainment events and beaches to cool you down. Pack strategically in order to be prepared for a variety of outings so you can look your best while staying comfortable, whatever the weather.

A Comfortable Walking Outfit

When traveling to NYC, expect to do a lot of walking. Although a considerably large city, NYC is very walking friendly. Bringing an extremely comfortable pair of shoes cannot be stressed enough. NYC has a lot of personality with uneven streets, full of people, stairs, bridges and other unique walkways. Look for shoes that are comfortable, multi-functional and can be worn from day to night.

Opt for light clothing that is loose and airy. Pack layers as you might be sweating walking around outside, but as soon as you step into the air conditioned museum, you might get chilly. The humidity causes clothes to wrinkle easily so avoid linen and other sensitive material.

Be Prepared for Unexpected Showers

The forecast may call for perfectly sunny 80 degree days, but don’t be shocked if you unexpectedly experience warm showers on your trip. To avoid letting the rain put a damper on your day, be prepared with a small travel umbrella in your purse or backpack or a light, hooded rain jacket that compresses down and is easy to pack.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dressed Up

New York City is known as a fashion epicenter where new fashion trends are constantly sprouting. Don’t be afraid to get dressed up when visiting NYC. If you’re planning to see a Broadway show like “The Phantom of the Opera” or you are making reservations at one of NYC’s fine dining restaurants, a casual dress, suit or button down shirt are recommended. If you’re considering bringing heels, keep in mind the amount of walking you might have to do and consider using the subway or hailing a cab to save your feet. If you’re looking to stay strictly casual, jazz up your ensembles with bold jewelry.

Beach Essentials

Known as the concrete jungle, many people forget that New York City is an island surrounded by easily accessible beaches. If your trip to NYC includes a dip in the ocean or soaking some sun on the beach, be prepared with beach essentials. Besides a bathing suit and towel, be prepared with protection from the intense summer sun. Sunblock is a must, and a hat and sunglasses will help keep you sunburn-free so you can enjoy the rest of your trip to the Big Apple.

The shopping scene in New York City is world renowned, so if you forget anything or want to dress up for a show or event, purchase something there that will always remind you of your summer trip to NYC.