Collette At a Glance

With over 100 years of experience in worldwide group travel, Collette has become one of the most respected and reputable companies in the industry, and with good reason. Tours are offered on all seven continents, so the world is literally at your fingertips. Visit the world’s southernmost post office and watch penguins in Antarctica. Spot “the Big 5” of the animal kingdom on a safari on the plains of Africa. Explore the Great Barrier Reef as you snorkel among sea turtles. With Collette, these adventures are possible and only the beginning of all that you’ll have to choose from.

A variety of tour styles is available, and guided travel with Collette means that the logistics are taken off your hands, making the trip of a lifetime worry-free. Airport pickup and drop-off, professionally crafted itineraries and locations scouted by a professional product team mean that no matter the tour you choose, you’re in good hands. Simply sit back and enjoy the ride.

Whether you’re planning a trip for a family organization or any large group, Collette is ready to help. Professional tour managers with extensive training guide each journey and provide local insights, historical information and other unique touches that are sure to make your trip one to remember. We sat down with Collette and got the inside scoop on all you need to know to get started on your next big adventure:

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Why do groups use Collette?

Collette gives group leaders and their travelers more. In addition to all we do to make the traveler’s experience special, Collette strongly supports group leaders with a wealth of benefits. They give more incentives, free marketing materials, personal support and peace of mind.

Ireland, Blarney, Blarney Castle

What type of marketing support do you offer groups who have booked with you?

Collette’s dedicated group travel experts and proven group marketing will make your experience easy. They create free personalized marketing materials and multimedia presentations that are designed to help you succeed, including self-mailers, postcards, mini posters and a customized group web page promoting  your trip that can be emailed or shared on Facebook and Twitter. It really makes digital marketing simple for group partners.

What types of groups use Collette? What are the group size ranges and what sized group is most common?

Collette works with all senior affinity groups, including banks, chambers, alumni, faith-based, senior centers, hospital, parks and rec. They have groups as small as 18 and as large as 44.

Does Collette book pre-established trips or offer exclusive group departures?

Collette offers many set tour departure dates. If you have a large group, they can arrange for a tour to be exclusive to your group. If you have a smaller group, no worries, they don’t require a minimum number of travelers to travel. No matter the size, your guests will still be able to go on all guaranteed departure dates.

What’s the touring style? What’s customizable, what’s included and what’s offered?

Collette offers guests an inclusive experience with more value for your money while adhering to exacting standards. With a focus on service and quality, they provide more of what makes travel special. They included more iconic must-sees and cultural inclusions. They also have more included meals in local restaurants with more menu choices. Add in carefully selected 4-star accommodations and the freedom to choose from an array of pre- and post-nights, extensions, optional excursions and our innovative included choice on tour, and the stage is set for an amazing journey.

What are the average lengths of trips?

Collette offers over 175 tours to all seven continents. You will find an array of guided travel experiences that range from five-night single hotel stays to comprehensive tours that can run up to 27 days. There is truly something for everyone.

What are the most popular destinations where Collette’s groups are choosing to travel?

Alaska Discovery

Alaska Discovery

Top 10 sellers for groups:

  1. Alaska Discovery
  2. Spain’s Classics
  3. Colorado Rockies
  4. Canadian Rockies by Train
  5. Discover Tuscany
  6. Cuba
  7. Iceland’s Magical Northern Lights
  8. Pacific Northwest & California
  9. Shades of Ireland
  10. South Pacific Wonders

How much experience does the group team employ?

Collette celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2018, making them the longest running tour operator in the United States. They are truly the experts in guided travel. When traveling with Collette, you and your travelers will enjoy their superior expertise, stability and security backed by nearly a century of experience.

How do group leaders travel for free?

Group leaders earn complimentary land and air by having a certain number of paid passengers, which varies based on the goals of the organization.