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This season, travel groups can explore Broadway’s exciting repertoire of long-standing productions and fresh debuts of new shows. Experiencing a Broadway show as a group is a unique bonding experience, as you collectively revel in the drama, joy and laughter that each performance offers. It also allows you to connect with the audience and the artists, creating unforgettable memories.

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In addition, Broadway offers group discounts and exclusive experiences such as post-show discussions with the cast, enhancing your theater adventure.

Here’s 10 Popular Broadway Shows for Travel Groups: 

Experience Hadestown with a group

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Hadestown. This iconic Broadway show brings audiences on a quest through a contemporary underworld, appealing to enthusiasts of history, steampunk aesthetics, Greek mythology and intricate drama. This modern take on the enduring Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice boasts a compelling score by Anaïs Mitchell, infused with folk and jazz melodies. Visit Broadway Inbound for group discounts to experience this unforgettable show.

Moulin Rouge! on Broadway

Moulin Rouge! on Broadway

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Moulin Rouge! is another must-see Broadway show, embodying the exhilarating fusion of music, drama and dance in a spectacular setting. This stage adaptation of Baz Luhrmann’s iconic film is a dazzling feast for the senses, with its opulent set designs, captivating performances and a score that weaves together popular music hits from the past several decades. The protagonists’ love story unfolds amidst a vibrant ensemble of characters, making it an engaging experience for groups. The show’s energy is contagious and every member of your group, irrespective of their taste, will find something to revel in.

Enjoy Some Like It Hot

One of the latest Broadway gems, Some Like It Hot, brings the charm of its 1959 film predecessor back to life with a mix of comedy, dynamic musical numbers and memorable characters. This light-hearted spectacle guarantees plenty of surprising twists, colorful costumes and spectacular dance numbers. With its blend of humor and jazzy feel, Some Like It Hot guarantees some thorough entertainment for everyone in your group.

A Beautiful Noise: A Neil Diamond Musical in Broadway for groups

A Beautiful Noise: A Neil Diamond Musical in Broadway for groups

A Beautiful Noise on Broadway

For fans of Neil Diamond, A Beautiful Noise offers the perfect blend of extraordinary performance, stunning visuals and heartwarming storytelling that keeps groups engaged from start to finish. The music, featuring some of Neil Diamond’s biggest hits, is expertly woven into the narrative, creating moments of pure joy and deep emotional connection. With dazzling set and costume design it transports the audience straight into the heart of Diamond’s world. The show’s cast delivers a powerhouse performance, doing complete justice to Diamond’s beloved songs while adding their unique touch. This Broadway show is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser perfect for groups seeking a memorable theater experience.

Get Group Tickets to The Lion King

The Lion King, a timeless Disney classic, has enchanted audiences of all ages with its stunning costumes, innovative puppetry and awe-inspiring set design. Director Julie Taymor brings this beloved tale to life on Broadway with a blend of iconic songs from the film and new compositions influenced by African music, providing an authentic African savanna experience. This family-friendly spectacle is perfect for group outings, with Broadway Inbound offering affordable group tickets, and promising a treasured and unforgettable theater experience.

The Book of Mormon Broadway show

The Book of Mormon Broadway show

Laugh During The Book of Mormon Broadway Show

The Book of Mormon is a musical comedy by the creators of South Park, featuring a score by Robert Lopez, who has also composed for hits like Frozen and Avenue Q. Its award-winning music and raunchy humor, crafted for mature audiences, make The Book of Mormon a standout Broadway gem. And with group discounts available, it’s an ideal choice for groups who are looking to experience Broadway’s edgy, contemporary side.

Experience Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd is a captivating Broadway spectacle with a brilliant score by esteemed composer Stephen Sondheim. This eerie musical blends horror with a dark humor, ensuring a riveting experience for all. This revival production transports you to Victorian London with impressive sets, costumes and special effects, backed by a 26-piece orchestra. Ideal for groups seeking an intense, dramatic theatre experience, Sweeney Todd promises a thrilling night at the theatre.

Chicago Broadway Show in New York

Chicago Broadway Show in New York

Chicago on Broadway

Chicago, a sizzling, jazz-infused musical set in the 1920s, has entranced audiences for years with its iconic Bob Fosse choreography and timeless melodies. Ideal for lovers of dance and true-crime, this raunchy story is loosely based on a real-life court case. As the longest-running American musical, Chicago consistently delivers stunning performances. Group discounts are available as well, making it the perfect outing for friends, family or colleagues.

Groups Love Wicked

Wicked, a unique prequel to the Wizard of Oz, recently celebrated its 20th year on Broadway. This captivating musical offers powerful performances and an iconic score that has deeply ingrained itself in pop culture. It particularly appeals to fantasy fans and those who appreciate strong female leads.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Experience the Magic of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway is a must-see show. This charming play, set years after the original series, follows Harry’s son, Albus, as he navigates his family’s legacy at Hogwarts. With breathtaking special effects and heart-stopping performances, this play blends magic and emotion into an unforgettable experience. Suitable both for diehard Potterheads and casual viewers, this theatrical journey into a world of wizardry awaits at the Lyric Theatre.

Enjoy all that Broadway has to offer: from crowd favorites like The Lion King and Wicked to groundbreaking, original productions like Moulin Rouge! and Hadestown.

With stellar performances, touching stories and amazing group discounts, there has never been a better time to gather your friends, family or colleagues and make memories that will last a lifetime. Be sure to get more information about Broadway shows for groups at Broadway Inbound and Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel for FREE to get more information about group activities in New York.

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