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June Leisure Group Travel

As summer hits its stride and travelers embrace the great outdoors, here’s a reminder that many wonderful things can be found indoors as well. The June edition of Leisure Group Travel emphasizes that message as we spotlight some of the finest museums that dot this country’s landscape.

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2023 April Leisure Group Travel

With spring and summer on the way many travelers are starting to plan summer vacations and look for exciting festivals to experience. After being stuck inside and sheltering from the winter, nothing will warm the soul and incite excitement like getting ready for that next adventure.

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Affinity Travel Sponsored By Collette

On a small group explorations tour, dive deeper. Get to know the pulse of a destination by talking with the people who live there. With an average of 16 travelers, get to know your fellow travelers, Tour Manager, and local guides. Access places you’ll never forget…

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2022 February Leisure Group Travel

This month, Leisure Group Travel embraces the power of food with our culinary issue as we explore a throng of exquisite food halls on the Eastern Seaboard, savor top ingredients on cruises along America’s waterways and unearth dining gems in Amish country where the portions are colossal. LGT also unveils the Wyoming Itinerary Guide and the Mississippi Itinerary Guide, two great states full of enticing attractions and tasty dining options.

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Reno Nevada Offers More To Do Than Casino Thrills

A world class automobile museum and other things to do in Reno await visitors to this Nevada region that encompasses picture perfect Lake Tahoe. In my travels to just about every corner of the world and all but two U.S. states, I still haven’t made it to Las Vegas. But, to get a taste of the gaming and entertainment scene that lures people to Nevada’s urban hotspots, I recently spent a few days investigating what to do in smaller Reno, a city of 264,000, and nearby Lake Tahoe.

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