Must-See Museums in Baton Rouge

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Explore three captivating museums in Baton Rouge, offering fabulous journeys into the city’s rich and storied past

Baton Rouge is a city that’s ripe with history just waiting to be uncovered. Though history is etched into nearly every square foot of the city, Baton Rouge offers some truly incredible museums that offer an immersive and experiential window into the past. While there are dozens of worthwhile museums, this selection of three is sure to make any history buff’s list of must-see historical sites in the Capital City.

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The Old State Capitol

Formerly the hub of all political activity in Louisiana’s Capital, the Old State Capitol building now serves as a museum dedicated to the rich history of the city and state as a whole. It’s a true architectural treasure, with its Gothic style emulating a castle as it sits just off the banks of the Mississippi River. Since its construction in 1847, it’s stood firm in the face of war, fire, political scandal, and more.

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Old State Capitol Baton Rouge

Old State Capitol

The Capitol Park Museum

Located in the heart of downtown Baton Rouge, this incredible museum is home to two of Louisiana’s most poignant and unique exhibits. These permanent installations highlight the nationally significant pieces of Louisiana’s history and the uniqueness of Louisiana’s culture. Every visit to this museum leaves guests with a greater understanding of the diverse culture, history and industry that has made Baton Rouge as a city, and Louisiana as a state, such an incredibly unique place.

Rural Life Museum

Rural Life Museum

LSU Rural Life Museum

Take a trip back to the 19th-century when you visit one of the most immersive experiences in Baton Rouge. As you wander the gardens at the Rural Life Museum, you meander through buildings that are emblematic of a simpler time, and one that is integral to what made Louisiana the state it is today. This unique and true-to-life experience showcases what life was truly like back in rural 19th-century Louisiana. Louisiana has a rich history that can be felt in its culture today. From the food you eat to the people you meet, all of it was built by the history on display in these incredible museums.

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