To stay on top of their profession, travel pros need to be aware of trends shaping the travel landscape, writes Leisure Group Travel publisher Jeff Gayduk.

One of the byproducts of travel and tourism’s growth is the increased importance it plays in business and society. What was once regarded as carriage trade is now widely considered the world’s largest industry.

Substantial investment by sharp minds, combined with technological innovation and fluctuating consumer behavior are influencing how travel, is being consumed and marketed today, while affecting how the industry is being shaped for tomorrow.  Here are six mega trends, identified in a recent Skift report, that are shaping the travel landscape.

1) Innovations in Hospitality

From top to bottom, every part of hospitality is being turned over, questioned and retooled. We see this as hotels reconfigure lobbies and how customers check in, as well as customer experience inside a hotel room like entertainment and food & beverage offerings. Brands are questioning customer interaction pre-, during and post-trip as they examine and rebuild it.

2) Renaissance in Conferences and Events

The traditional methods of learning and networking are no longer effective because everyone is so easily distracted by their digital devices. Even physical meeting setups are being deconstructed based on increasing realization that informal learning and networking are driving as much business as formal meetings.

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