Courtesy of our friends from the Matdor Network, here are 6 things to consider when booking a group tour.

1) You’re probably good with sharing stories, but sharing space? How about two weeks with a roomie who might surreptitiously use your toothpaste, snore like a bear, or demand that the hotel room air con be set to “Glacier”? If you’re willing to pay a single supplement rates vary among companies, you can buy some privacy.

2. Being part of a group means you’re not alone. Even the most intrepid traveler is bound to forget something alarm clock, SPF 30, Immodium or need something charged batteries at a pivotal moment. Maybe your credit card will be rejected at the only ATM machine in the city. This is when you can lean on your group members.

3. Be sure to establish ground rules early. Unless you want to haggle over every bar bill, ask your servers up front for separate checks.

4. Similarly, it’s worth discussing tipping with your group. Tour companies will offer guidelines for tipping your guide, and though your gratuity can be anonymous, fostering consensus within the group can reduce friction.

5. Check out the tour itinerary before you book and ensure you’re not logging more hours on a bus than off.

6. Ready for a group tour? Spontaneous travellers can benefit from last-minute sell-offs of up to 20% through companies.

via How group tours are like blind dates | Matador Network.