4 Oklahoma Waterfalls for Your Next Road Trip

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If you’re looking for something unique to do in the Southwestern plains of the U.S., soak in the scenery at these four Oklahoma waterfalls

When Oklahoma pops into your head, you may picture the many, many rolling plains associated with the Sooner State. Tall, windswept grasses and miles-long stretches of road do command the Oklahoma landscape, but there are many beautiful waterfall formations to see as well. Check out this list of stunning Oklahoma waterfalls and start planning an unforgettable road trip for you and your group of fellow travelers.

Turner Falls

Why not start with one of Oklahoma’s tallest waterfalls? Turner Falls, located in Davis, is 77 feet tall and extremely unique. What differentiates it from other natural falls is the gradual cascade into the water below. Rather than falling straight down, the water from Honey Creek gently travels down a rock façade, beautifully diverging into several smaller descending streams. The falls attract many visitors looking to cool off in the pools below the falls, and you and your group can camp there to give everyone a rest from road tripping, too.

Natural Falls

Though it looks very different from the iconic Turner Falls, Natural Falls is just as tall at 77 feet high. The key differences are the waterfall’s direct drop from a tiny opening in the rock formation above, as well as the intimate setting of the surrounding rocks. This is a quality addition to a road trip itinerary in the late spring, when you can see this captivating waterfall in full form. If you’re a fan of the old Where the Red Fern Grows movie, this will be a particularly sweet treat—Natural Falls served as a backdrop in the acclaimed movie.

Little Niagara Falls

Within the Chickasaw National Recreation Area is a small waterfall that many people flock to in the heat. The Little Niagara Falls, a wide stretch of gently cascading water, is a favorite of the many Oklahoma waterfalls when it comes to seeking a peaceful spot. Come by for a swim in the nearby pools as you and your group trek through Oklahoma.

Bricktown Falls

Our last waterfall to see on an Oklahoma road trip is a manmade one, but it’s nonetheless very much worth seeing. Bricktown Falls is located along the Bricktown Canal, in the heart of Oklahoma City. You can see the falls by pulling over or by taking a relaxing narrated tour in a Bricktown Water Taxi.

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