Vacationing in Europe is like the Holy Grail of destinations for foodies. It’s hard to come up with another region that features so many delicious and noteworthy restaurants. It seems like virtually every city in Europe is home to at least one incredible place to enjoy a memorable meal. While listing all of the amazing restaurants and cafes would take up hundreds of pages, the following is a gastronomical sample of some of the best places to eat throughout Europe:

Paris, France

The City of Light is truly a gourmand’s paradise. From the small sidewalk cafes where you can enjoy crepes and café latte to restaurants that have won coveted Michelin ratings, you will never go hungry in Paris. For example, while you are there, consider making reservations at Le Cinq. This traditional French eatery is one of two restaurants in Paris that was awarded with three Michelin stars for 2016, and its menu offers both classic French culinary techniques and lighter cooking styles.

Another restaurant that gets consistently positive reviews for its food and ambience is Epicure. From the amazing dishes and phenomenal wine list to the friendly service and elegant dining room overlooking a beautiful courtyard, both meat eaters and vegetarians will find plenty of memorable choices here.

London, England

Seafood fans will love J. Sheekey, a London eatery in the heart of the theater district. As The Daily Meal notes, the restaurant features wood paneled walls covered with photos of actors, playwrights and directors, as well as some of the best seafood in the area. Start with oysters cooked to perfection or potted shrimp served with wholemeal toast, or the John Dory served with artichokes and smoked tomato dressing.

Another London must-try is Gymkhana; the contemporary Indian restaurant bases its menu on what’s in season throughout England, and the atmosphere is like being in a royal place. Diners will enjoy naan filled with ground venison, quail seekh kebab and mushroom pilau with black truffles.

Milan, Italy

If you had unlimited time and money, you could pretty much eat your way through the entire country of Italy and still find new places after 10 years. For example, Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia in Milan features the best and freshest ingredients the region has to offer, all expertly prepared in memorable ways. Start out with pureed chickpeas from Puglia before diving into a dish of crispy cuttlefish filled with cod, herbs and Annurca apples. Everything that comes out of the kitchen is cooked with perfect precision and taste.

Venice, Italy

Seafood lovers should not miss Osteria alle Testiere in Venice. This acclaimed restaurant is famous for its well-matched wine pairings with seafood delicacies. The menu may be small but it changes constantly to offer only the freshest ingredients. Diners will enjoy zotoeti, which are incredibly small squid, in a sauce that is expertly flavored with cinnamon; shrimp and raw asparagus salad or four varieties of fresh caught and delicious fish.