Are you planning to go on a trip with the family or your besties? When you’re traveling in a group, one of the biggest planning frustrations stems from trying to settle on a means of travel. Car? Too cramped. Bus? Too big. Plane tickets for all? Your poor wallet!

What other options do you have? Passenger vans are a popular transport for group travelers. Let’s look at three reasons to rent a passenger van for your group trip and why this unconventional option could be the answer for your next getaway.

A Money Saver

If your group drives a fleet of their own cars, each driver will need to tune up their vehicle before the trip. Each group member will also have to pay for gas separately. Talk about costly! Motorcoaches hold up to 55 passengers, is your group that big? Plane tickets are also expensive, and there’s no guarantee that you and your group will snag seats next to each other.

With a passenger van, you can fit all your travelers into one vehicle. The rental company will tune up and clean the car for you; these services are part of the rental fee. And when you need gas, you and your trip mates can split the cost, making gas a measly few cents per person. What a great way to save time and money!

A Space Saver

Another reason to rent a passenger van for your group trip is that they offer a lot of space. Passenger vans are roomy and can fit up to 15 passengers. That’s a lot of people! They also contain plenty of storage space for you to fit your suitcases.

More space means no more leaving things behind because they won’t fit and no more complaining about a lack of personal space because each person will have plenty of room.

A Sense of Community

It’s only a party if the whole gang is there, and passenger vans allow you to keep the whole gang unified from start to end. In a passenger van, you and your group can chat, play games, and, most importantly, bond during the drive to your destination. You won’t be a lane apart on the road or seats away on a plane; you’ll all be right there, experiencing this trip jointly.

Ready to rent a van? Great! When choosing the right rental company, make sure you consider their qualifications to ensure you get a clean, functional van that will solidify your next vacation as the best one ever. With passenger vans, you can travel group style, save money, and make the most of every minute of your trip.