We’re proud to present the results of Leisure Group Travel’s 2016 Reader Intentions survey. We asked a series of questions pertinent to the business of group travel in order to better understand your travel programs and shape our editorial coverage in the coming year.

See how your travel program stacks up against other readers.

How many group trips do you plan annually?   

LGT Take-away: The majority of LGT subscribers are small leisure group travel organizations.

Where do your trips go?

LGT Take-away: U.S. is strong overall, with 92% of readers offering at least one domestic product. Growing interest in Canada buoyed by favorable exchange rates.

What's your average number of nights per trip?

LGT Take-away: Nearly 75 percent of our readers are taking trips that are 4+ nights.

Who are your clients?

LGT Take-away: Seniors still dominate the group tour landscape, though the number of companies servicing only seniors is just 32%, represent-ing a diversification by readers.

What's your average number of passengers per trip?

LGT Take-away: Traditional size trips still dominate, but small group trips now outnumber extra-large sized groups (51+).

What type of trips do you offer?

LGT Take-away: 3 out of 4 readers plan specialty trips.

Do you plan your own trips or use a tour operator/receptive?

LGT Take-away: Over 9 in 10 readers are actively involved in planning their own tours.

What specialty markets do you serve?

LGT Take-away: Half of respondents are actively specializing in one or more niche group markets.