World travel can take you from the deep jungles of the Amazon to the sweeping peaks of the Himalayas. But extreme adventures don’t always come in the form of vacations — they can also be a lifestyle. Many individuals fund their nomadic lifestyles with a bevy of different professions. While being a constant traveler isn’t an easy lifestyle to fund, here are the best ways you can make your dream become a reality — and travel for a living.

How to Get Started Funding Your World Travels

Make sure your bank account has a healthy balance before you book your first flight. Sell any possessions you won’t need, because every dollar helps. When you do pick your first destination, choose one that has a low cost of living. Even if you have $20,000 in the bank at the outset of your journey, it won’t last long, say, in Europe without a steady source to replenish it. Instead, set your sights on South America or Southeast Asia, where your dollars will take you further. That will give you the time you need to develop a solid income.

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Where to Find Jobs Abroad

Need a job — fast — and want to spread some of your knowledge? Apply your skills to a globalized world. There are many jobs you can do in other countries or from remote locations. In fact, many of the largest companies around the world offer contract work. Companies like Amway offer competitive contract salaries for those with marketing and sales distribution experience, while Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook have tech-centered jobs in major cities like London and Tokyo.

If you’re a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree, you can easily find opportunities to teach English abroad. Many countries in Asia, the Middle East and South America offer such teaching opportunities. But first things first: You’ll need a teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) certificate that’s recognized by the schools in which you apply.

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How Blogging Creates a Steady Income

Do you enjoy traveling and sharing your experiences? You might want to consider starting a travel blog. If you’re on an adventure to an elite destination, chances are there are plenty of fellow travel enthusiasts who want to bask in your storytelling experience. But it’s not easy. First, you’ll need a focus, which means delivering relevant and useful information geared toward a desired demographic.

Conduct some research on sites like Reddit to determine what people want to know more about in the areas you plan to explore. And when you finally get to your destinations, document some of your fun activities to cultivate a following. Take photos and short videos through Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook when hiking across Iceland, cycling through South Korea, or kayaking Dusky Sound, New Zealand.

Then explain why you’re there and how you accomplished specific feats. You don’t always want your blog to read like a listicle, so include some epic images and videos. So how do you monetize it? Turn this work into income through Google Adsense and ad buys, and also consider creating exclusive content for website and/or newsletter subscribers.

How to Crowdfund Your Travel Experience

Similar to a travel blog, though more monetized from the outset, a crowdfund campaign allows people to give you money for your travels in exchange for updates and stories of your travels. FundMyTravel is a crowdfunding site specifically tailored to the world traveler. Create reward levels for those who help you along your way.

Sending postcards from far-off destinations is a small and simple token of appreciation. Recording personalized videos for those who can afford more can also be a welcomed prize. Finally, offering subscribers gated content that offers tips on how to travel the world on their own dime is a great perk for those dreaming of one day traveling abroad.