Camping is an inexpensive way to take a family holiday and provides a wonderful chance to see the world and experience the great outdoors without spending very much money at all. What could be greater that spending time in the fresh air, surrounded by beautiful scenery with plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and the picturesque landscapes that various countries throughout the world have to offer?

Firstly and most importantly before anything else is considered, make sure the family has the correct travel insurance for holidaying and camping. Full and proper cover is so important for such holidays, because a traveler who is uninsured and becomes ill or is injured overseas can face expensive treatment bills if hospitalization is required. Having the right cover stops this.

Taking a camping holiday abroad is virtually the same as taking one within the United States. The only other thing to take into consideration is the fact that a little more in the way of forward planning may be needed for travelling to more remote locations.

Unless the camping holiday being planned is being taken by car or motor-home, it may be a good idea to think about travelling more lightly that normal. Any equipment or necessities that are being taken, like camping stoves or anything that requires electricity or gas, should be checked to make sure they are compatible with the power points or fuel requirements of the places that are being visited or stayed at.

Taking the right sorts of clothing is essential, but it`s also really important to remember not to take too many things! Making sure there is a good mixture of lighter garments made from cottons and linens which will keep the skin cool and covered and one or two more robust items, like waterproof coats and heavier sweaters will make sure that every weather eventuality is prepared for.

Planning supplies of medications and a solid first aid kit is essential, but also abroad where certain drugs or treatments may be more difficult get hold of, especially if a remoter clime is being visited. Essentials to think about taking are, insect repellents, pain killers, plasters, bandages and medications that have anti-sickness properties, as well as antihistamines.

Booking a holiday in a well-equipped site offers the family a wonderful experience and ensures that every stage of the holiday is well catered for. A site like this means there is something for everyone, whatever the age, with plenty of on-site games and activities for those who want them and ample opportunity for those who wish to relax to be able to do so.