Why Gran Canaria is a Place Your Group Should Visit


Discover an island getaway where groups can eat, drink and hike their way through Gran Canaria in the verdant Canary Islands

When it comes to booking an island getaway, Gran Canaria is a vibrant place not to be overlooked. Not only does it have many beautiful beaches, but it is also a foodie heaven with plenty of delicious restaurants, as well as lovely weather all year round. When trying to find a place to stay, there is plenty of holiday accommodation in Gran Canaria. This means you can book well in advance, a month or two ahead, or last minute and still find a place to stay. To help with deciding if a group trip to the Canary Islands is for you, we’ve put together four reasons why you should visit this year.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Papas arrugadas

No matter where you stay in Gran Canaria, you are guaranteed to find a plethora of delicious restaurants for your group. Whether you are looking for a budget meal or an award-winning restaurant, there’s a diverse mix to discover. The gastronomy of the island has excelled for many years and will continue to improve. Not only that but many other types of cuisines are available assuring everyone can find their tastes. When it comes to local must-try dishes, papas arrugadas, miel de palma and puchero canario are just a few.

Gran Canaria Beach Action


When it comes to white sandy beaches and crystaline waters, Gran Canaria has just that and more. If you enjoy long walks on the soft sand, relaxing with a cocktail in one hand and a book in the other, or simply just love the view, then this is the spot. In addition to relaxation, many of the beaches have plenty of activities for you and your group to take part in, including active water sports. Some recreations that are popular on the island include scuba diving, dolphin watching, surfing and wakeboarding.

Year-Round Sunshine

Sunshine and great weather add to the perfect island getaway.

The weather in Gran Canaria tends to be very favourable all year making it a perfect destination no matter the time of year you visit. As with any country, there are the hotter months which tend to be around June, July, August and September. And then during the other months, you’ll still be able to get a much-needed tan. If you are planning to travel when the island is at its most affordable, plan on taking a trip around March and April – outside school holiday periods as well as November.

It’s a Great Place to Hike and Explore

Hiking trail to Roque Nublo, Gran Canaria

For many years people have been visiting Gran Canaria for its beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches. But an area that has been increasing intrest in tourist groups is the hiking options. Discover the unspoiled nature where groups can immerse in idyllic adventures through lush landscapes. Across the island, there are multiple places for you to hike and explore, allowing you to take in the wonderful panoramas and seascapes.

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