In the midst of a shifting landscape where virtual events have seen a decline in participation and interest as travel planners return to their booking endeavors post-Covid, WeTravel became the exception. The booking and payments platform catering to multi-day and group travel enterprises boldly ventured into uncharted territories by orchestrating a full-day virtual summit on August 10th.

Morgan Mostrom, marketing campaign manager at WeTravel, shared insights into the genesis of this initiative. “Several months ago, Allan Formigoni (WeTravel’s marketing manager), approached me and said ‘Our webinars are doing so well, I think we should take it to the next level and do a full-day summit and I want you to be in charge of it.’ I was excited and terrified at the same time,” stated Mostrom.

The act of constructing an event of such magnitude from scratch was a formidable undertaking. The logistical labyrinth that ensued revolved around selecting the optimum platform for hosting the event, strategizing on how to cater to a geographically diverse audience, curating pertinent subjects and speakers and designing the session structure in terms of timing and duration.

Virtual Event Draws Over 2,100 Registrants

By the time the clock struck midnight on August 10, the WeTravel team pulled off the largest virtual event the industry has ever experienced. Over 2,100 registrations with more than 900 live attendees learned new tricks of the trade from 17 expert speakers. Session topics ranged from the use of Chat GTP in the travel industry to unlocking new opportunities for payment solutions, how to better automate your travel business and two sessions covering the current state of and future of multi-day travel.

Leveraging the capabilities of a virtual event platform, participants were seamlessly engaged in real-time sessions, availing themselves of the opportunity to pose questions to panelists, actively partake in poll inquiries and foster relationships in post-session networking.

Ted Clements, CEO of WeTravel, expounded on the achievement, asserting, “The WeTravel Tech and Innovation Summit’s achievement goes beyond numbers – it symbolizes our relentless pursuit of innovation. From AI tools to trends in local payment methods, we want to help our clients and the industry embrace emerging technologies and drive growth within their travel businesses.”

Allan Formigoni, the inbound marketing manager at WeTravel added, “Exceeding all of our expectations, the summit united over 2,000 registrants representing a range of organizations within the travel industry. Being the first event of its kind for WeTravel, its incredible success has not only paved the way for future summits but also sparked a sense of excitement industry-wide.”

The WeTravel Tech and Innovation Summit stands as a testament to the strength of the multi-day group travel sector. With record-setting attendance and an intellectually enriching program, this event serves as a harbinger of a dynamic future, where technology and collaboration converge to reshape the landscape of the group travel industry.

Replays of the summit are available by registering at the WeTravel website.