Venture through the rainforest, savor the scents of exotic flowers or experience the many cultures of South America. With Brazil hosting the World Cup this year, tourism in South America is on the rise.

Imagine yourself walking through centuries-old ruins and natural wonders, taking in the vibrant and colorful surroundings that make up South America’s cities and landscapes. South American hot spots, such as Peru, Brazil and Argentina, are becoming more and more popular among travelers. Globus allows you to choose your own South American experience via guided tours, vacation packages and cruises. Here are some group options from Globus and its family of brands, which includes Monograms and Avalon Waterways.

Globus Guided Tours

The Globus family of brands provides over 230 guided leisurely, steady, active and on-the-go tours in South America. Whether you’re interested in nature, history or culture, Globus has a tour for you.

Machu Picchu. Credit.

Machu Picchu. Credit.

Nazca lines forming a hummingbird

Nazca lines forming a hummingbird- click to enlarge. Credit.

Sample: The Legacy of the Incas features 12 days in Peru, home to ancient cultures, ruins and archaeological treasures. Visit Machu Picchu, the ruins of an ancient Inca city, and witness a Mother Earth ceremony by a local shaman thanking Mother Earth and asking her for good health and safe travels. Your group will be awestruck by the Nazca Lines, which, when seen from the air, form hundreds of precise geometric shapes as well as 70 figures including a monkey, whale, hummingbird, shark, spiders and plants. Archaeologists remain puzzled regarding why and how the ancient Nazca people, who lived here from 200 BC to 500 AD, created illustrations that could only be seen from far above the earth. To view accommodations, meet the tour director and learn other tour details, use the link at the end of the article.

Monograms Vacation Packages

As part of the Globus family of brands, Monograms has more than 85 years of travel experience. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, expert Local Hosts are available to assist you every step of the way. Brazil trips range from six to 19 days. Options include hitting the Brazil highlights from Rio de Janeiro to Iguassu Falls; experiencing Brazil, Argentina and Chile; and the Grand Tour of South America with Brazil’s Amazon. To see detailed information for each vacation package, included hotels, a list of excursions and things to do on your own, please use the link at the end of the article.

View of Rio de Janeiro from atop Corcovado

View of Rio de Janeiro from atop Corcovado. Credit.

Iguassu Falls, Argentina

Iguassu Falls, Argentina. Credit: Monograms

Sample: The six-day Brazil Highlights vacation package starts you off in Rio de Janeiro for a few days, where you will ride a train through Tijuca Forest to the top of Corcovado Mountain; feast on Brazilian-style barbecue; enjoy a samba show; and discover historic Petropolis, the site of the former summer palace of Emperor Dom Pedro II. Your last few days take place in Iguassu Falls, which comprises 275 separate falls and is located at the crossroads of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. While here, you can enjoy leisure time and ride an ecological jungle train to tour the Argentine side of Iguassu Falls, complete with winding walkways under the crashing water.

Avalon Waterways Cruises

Avalon Waterways offers cruises in the Galapagos Islands and on the Amazon River. To experience South America via land and sea, combine an Avalon Waterways cruise with a Monograms vacation or a Globus tour. Cruise in comfort in spacious staterooms and suites and enjoy regional wines and beer at every on-board dinner. You also get VIP access to must-see sites featured on the cruise.

Aria luxury ship. Credit: Avalon Waterways.

Aria luxury ship. Credit: Avalon Waterways.

Inside Aria

Inside Aria. Credit: Avalon Waterways.

Sample: On a three-day Amazon River Cruise, you will enjoy fine wine and elegant cuisine on one of the world’s most luxurious small ships, the Aria, complete with wall-to-wall windows, an outside viewing deck and a Jacuzzi. While on the Amazon River, take a naturalist-guided panga ride through river tributaries, swim with pink dolphins and visit native communities. You will also get a cooking lesson and get up close to manatees while learning about the efforts being made to help this endangered species at the Manatee Rescue Center. To see more on accommodations, ship details and a day-by-day itinerary, click below.

These are just three examples of the many guided tours, vacation packages and cruises that Globus, Monograms and Avalon Waterways offer. Now is the time to start planning a trip to South America while tourism is booming. Globus will assist in any way possible to ensure your group has an unforgettable experience in South America.

By Lauren Reiniger