Flying on a private jet is a thrill, especially if you’re flying to a foreign country. If you’ve flown in private jets before, you’ll know that you can arrive minutes before departure. There are many other perks of scoring an exclusive seat in the sky, like choosing the charter plane.

But flying into another country has some of the same requirements as flying commercially. Explore these tips for flying internationally on a private jet.

Passports and Visa

Yes, you will still need documentation, like passports or a visa, to fly internationally. Remember, all countries require passports to allow anyone entry. In fact, some countries might also have other requirements, like mandatory vaccinations. Flying private doesn’t exclude documentation, but it does offer some relief with customs lines.


Customs is also mandatory for all air passengers, private and commercial. But when you charter a private plane, you can skip the long lines. You’ll still have to make declarations and possibly have your bags searched, but customs officers board the plane rather than you having to stand and wait in long lines.

Checking Documentation

The flight crew or another airline employee will always check your documentation before take-off for both domestic and international flights. FAA regulations require that every flight show who is aboard, and the flight crew needs to see identification to know. Sometimes, the charter company will check documentation the day before, and if you do, you’ll still need to bring your passport.


Want to bring your pet along on your trip? You can do that, but you’ll need documentation for them to fly, too! You’ll need a pet passport and proof of vaccinations, like rabies. Unlike commercial airlines, your pet can sit with you in the cabin instead of in the cargo hold or beneath your seat.


Commercial airline passengers usually need to arrive at least three hours before boarding for international flights, but you don’t need that much time if you’re flying privately. Arriving at the airport an hour before your flight is plenty of time for the flight crew to review your documents to ensure you feel ready for international travel.

These tips for flying internationally on a private jet will make flying more enjoyable. Have the right documentation, and you’ll be ready for a private flight!