Group adventure vacations offer active excursions perfect for any age and ability

Adventure vacations don’t necessarily have to be action-packed and rigorous. With so many exciting places to visit in the U.S. offering endless outdoor excursions, there is something for every age, skill set and ability level. Check out these eight places and start planning your next adventure vacation.

Snorkel Crystal Blue Waters in Hawaii

Snorkeling credits to Hawaii Ocean Rafting

Hawaii is an ideal place to explore what’s under water. Photo credit: Hawaii Ocean Rafting

According to Toni Colombo, owner of Hawaii Ocean Rafting, “We are Maui’s only Eco-Rafting Hawaiian-owned snorkel company (Peter, my husband is Native Hawaiian), making this the original local snorkel experience.”

Experience two amazing snorkeling tours. The Lanai Tour explores the vibrant reef teeming with fish, turtles, octopuses, rays and dolphins. The shorter afternoon tour along Maui’s coast on a West Maui Turtle Snorkel Tour focusing on observing Hawaiian green sea turtles, is perfect for those wanting to enjoy multiple activities in their day. Snorkel gear, instruction, and refreshments are included.

Toni explains, “Our small group snorkel tours are the closest you can get to a private charter. We only have 10 travelers max on our tours, making it a semi-private, family-style tour. We have three certified lifeguards onboard to give guests one-on-one education, snorkel instruction and guided time in the water while snorkeling.”

Whitewater Raft and Camp Idaho’s Salmon River

ROW Adventures delivers a unique family adventure vacation on the Salmon River. The “Family Magic” Salmon River Canyons excursion is a five-day rafting and camping trip that runs from July to September beginning and ending in Lewiston, Idaho.

According to Michelle Darnell, director of marketing, “ROW has been sharing the rivers of the Pacific Northwest for 44 years. Our experience, exceptional guides, and commitment to conservation and stewardship set us apart from other operators.”

This family-tailored experience is full of nature exploration, discovery, education and fun making it a top vacation idea.

“Family Magic” was conceptualized in 1988, and ever since, ROW Adventures has been providing one-of-a-kind family-friendly memorable experiences. With children in mind as parents themselves, “ROW Owners designed and tweaked this innovative itinerary through personal experience and feedback from their own kids! The conceptualization and addition of the River Jester to facilitate fun, learning and exploration among participating kids, is what truly sets our Family Magic trips apart from others.”

Zipline through the Ozark Mountains in Missouri

Soar through the canopy of pines in the majestic Ozark Mountains at The Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park in Branson. Take a two-hour Zipline Canopy Tour with your group of 12 or fewer and experience the exhilaration customers are raving about.

For those less adventurous in your group, the park also features a historic farm which is the authentic setting for Harold Bell Wright’s 1907 novel, The Shepherd of the Hills. Ascertain the Ozark history with a tour of the cabin and grounds. Visitors can also enjoy seasonal events and several dinner shows throughout the year.

Kayak Bioluminescent Bay in Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Kayaking in Fajardo Puerto Rico credits to Kayaking Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent kayaking in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Photo credit: Kayaking Puerto Rico

As your paddle gently pushes through the water, tiny organisms light up the bay making it sparkle and the fish glow. Book a Bio Bay Kayak Tour with Kayaking Puerto Rico for an unforgettable adventure vacation experience. The Bio Bay in Laguna Grande Nature Reserve in Fajardo, Puerto Rico is a magnificent place full of magic and wonder. The rare phenomenon of bioluminescence can be experienced here during the day and night. The duration of the tour is two hours and is suitable for guests six years and older with a moderate skill level. Learn about the reserve’s unique ecosystems and constellations as you paddle through the bright mangroves.

Horseback Ride along Pristine OBX Beaches in North Carolina

Discover the joy of horseback riding along the pristine Outer Banks beaches on Hatteras Island, North Carolina with Hatteras Island Horseback Riding.

This equestrian adventure vacation can be tailored to specific group needs, rider limitations and those who may be apprehensive about mounting a horse. For a nominal price, experienced and friendly guides provide your group with two horses so that everyone can experience a taste of the action along the sandy OBX shores. Everyone from young children to the young at heart will fall in love with the gentle giants as they saunter along the lapping waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Sail the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland

Experience the ultimate adventure vacation in Annapolis, Maryland on a group sailing voyage along the pristine Chesapeake Bay. Climb aboard the elegant 70-foot Schooner Woodwind with room for up to 16 passengers. This modern sailboat combines classic charm with modern amenities. The knowledgeable crew at Schooner Woodwind Annapolis Sailing Cruises shares captivating narratives about local history and ecology. Get hands-on and grab the helm to sail the ship or help hoist the sails. Dolphins and seabirds are common sights on the relaxing cruise through the crystal-clear waters. The spacious decks allow for maximum enjoyment complete with comfortable seating and idyllic aquatic scenery.

Customizable packages cater to various group needs.

View Glaciers Up Close in Alaska

Take a family-friendly adventure vacation to Whittier, Alaska for up-close glacier and wildlife viewing along 45 miles of the pristine Prince William Sound. Phillips Cruises offers a Glacier Quest Cruise from May to September perfect for groups with younger travelers. Take a high-speed catamaran on a 3.75-hour-long adventure through Blackstone Bay and Passage Canal. Keep the little ones engaged with activity books provided by the on-board ranger. If they complete it by the end of the tour, they receive an honorary Junior Ranger badge. Get so close to glaciers, you can hear them crack and pop. Wildlife like bald eagles, sea otters and lions, mountain goats, bears and humpback whales are waiting to be photographed.

Swim with Dolphins in the U.S. Virgin Islands

Swimming with dolphins credits to slimmars

Swimming with dolphins is always a fun adventure. Photo credit: slimmars

Immerse in the unforgettable Dolphin Splash & Swim experience at Coral World Ocean Park, nestled in the breathtaking U.S. Virgin Islands. At the St. Thomas Sea Sanctuary, the dolphins live in their natural Caribbean habitat in this unique in-sea refuge. Experienced guides will teach guests how these gentle creatures are cared for and how you can help to protect them. The maximum number of people per group is ten participants and they offer encounters tailored to those with special needs. Spend an hour in the warm Caribbean waters with one of the smartest and kindest creatures living in our vast oceans. Swim and touch dolphins and maybe even receive a kiss when you book this extraordinary adventure vacation.

Many interesting places to visit in the US offer adventure vacations with a unique twist. While some require a certain amount of physical ability, there are adventures suitable for those who like to explore at a safer pace but still want to be blown away by the experience.

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By Heather Dale