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Explore the vibrant cities, historic architecture and scenic landscapes of Spain and Greece with Globus, one of the world’s premier tour operators

Life has a tendency to get away from us. With everything we have to do—from work and errands to making time for family and friends—there is just never enough time to sit back and really enjoy ourselves. A Globus trip to Spain and Greece may just be the antidote to life’s everyday stresses. The minute you set foot in these colorful countries, you will understand the importance of living in the moment.

The sprawling countryside and bustling cities of Spain offer some of the best cuisine—and wine—in Europe, while the sparkling islands of Greece transport you to a different time and encourage you to slow down. With everything there is to see in these countries, it’s difficult to decide where to go and what to do first. There’s no better way to experience the rich culture and exciting lifestyle in Spain and Greece than on a guided tour with Globus.

There are a number of options for tours through Spain and Greece. Consider these three Globus itineraries that offer wonderful experiences in Spain and Greece.

The Best of Spain: 9-Day Globus Tour from Madrid to Barcelona

If you’re looking to hit all the high points of Spain, this is the tour for you. Start your adventure in Madrid, the capital city, where you’ll enjoy a visit to the palatial Prado Museum, Plaza de España, Parliament and much more. Make your way south through the beautiful southern landscapes to Cordoba to see the Alcazar and the 8th-century Mosque of the Caliphs. Then stop in the festive city of Seville, capital of Andalusia. Here you will visit a number of sights and hear about the city’s role in the discovery of the New World. Granada is the next stop, where you’ll see the main attractions, the Alhambra Complex, a citadel planned by the 13th-century Moorish ruler Al Ahmar. Explore the once-royal capital of Valencia, before driving along the coast to Barcelona, the final stop on your tour. Admire the stunning Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, and wander through the Gothic Quarter and finish it all off with a delicious meal and a wine toast to Spain.


Barcelona – Casa Batlló Credit

Spectacular Spain: 9-Day Globus Tour from Madrid to Madrid

Spain tours and Greece tours with Globus

Calle de Alcalá – Madrid Credit

Experience the true wonder of Spain on this in-depth tour through major cities such as Madrid, Toledo, Granada and Seville. The journey begins in Madrid, where you will see the Paseo de la Castellana, the elegant Calle de Alcalá and the Prado Museum with priceless art treasures. The tour takes you to Toledo next, where you will visit the Church of Santo Tomé, home of one of El Greco’s most famous paintings. Be sure to sample the local marzipan—the city is famous for it. Stop at the Water Gardens of the Generalife in Granada, and then head to Costa Del Sol to enjoy the beaches and take an optional excursion to the Rock of Gibraltar. In Ronda, you will visit the Plaza de Toros, and then make your way to Jerez for a special sherry tasting accompanied by local tapas. When you arrive in Seville, take a guided tour to Alcazar and the Santa Cruz quarter. Stop in Cordoba to see the Mosque of Caliphs, and then end your trip with a farewell dinner in Madrid.

Athens & Continental Greece with 7-Night Cruise: 11 Day Tour from Athens to Athens

Experience the best of mainland Greece and its stunning islands with this guided sightseeing tour. Spend some time in Athens exploring the Parthenon atop the Acropolis, the Roman temple dedicated to Zeus, theatre of Dionysus and the Agora, where Socrates presented his philosophical teachings. Then hop aboard a cruise ship and head to the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, with stops in Kea and Delos on the way. Next you will arrive in Santorini and experience the natural beauty of the volcanic caldera, enjoy an optional tour to some archaeological sites and snap photos of the classic white walls and blue roofs of the villages. Set sail again for the island of Crete, where you can take part in an optional tour of the ancient city of Knossos. Make your way to the lesser-known island of Kythira and spend the evening basking in the charming towns. In the morning, you will head to Monemvasia to explore medieval towns, and then spend the evening in the Old Town on the island of Nauplio. Stop in Hydra to spend some free time exploring, before making the final journey back to Athens to enjoy a farewell dinner.

Spain tours and Greece tours with Globus

The Acropolis – Attica Credit

No matter how you choose to visit, a Globus tour through the splendid Spanish countryside or a cruise to the iconic Greek islands will make you truly appreciate life’s simple pleasures. A leader in escorted tours and travel packages for decades, Globus creates vacations with the right balance of included attractions and free time.

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