These gorgeous destinations are perfect for planning a group lake vacation during the beautiful fall season

Autumn is the perfect season to reset and think about all of the things in your life that you’re grateful for. And setting aside time for a short lake vacation is an excellent way to recharge. So allow us to help you choose your ideal destination with this list of the best places to go for your fall lake vacation in the US.

Mammoth Lakes Basin, California

This first gem on our list of the best places to go for your fall lake vacation in the US provides its visitors with mild autumn weather. Mammoth Lakes Basin is perfect for enjoying the idyllic views of numerous lakes cradled by the Eastern Sierras and their brilliant wilderness.

For adventurous travelers who love immersing themselves in nature, you can book a spot at one of the Basin’s highly regarded campsites and enjoy numerous hiking and biking trails. And if you love the solitude of sitting on the lakeshore but can’t go without the comforts of home, you can always reserve a room at one of Mammoth Lake’s numerous hotels.

Lake Travis, Texas

Fall in Texas is moderately cool, so if you’d like to enjoy a lake vacation that’s a little less chilly, Lake Travis is an excellent choice. There’s plenty to do on the lake, such as boat tours and pub crawls that allow you to take in this area’s captivating views while enjoying the company of your loved ones.

And if you’re more the type that enjoys a gorgeous campsite within walking distance of beautiful nature trails, Lake Travis has many of those too. Just as well, if you’d like to indulge in urban delights, local haunts like The Oasis on Lake Travis can provide you with excellent cuisine and live music on the water.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

For travelers who enjoy cooler temperatures and the brilliant fall foliage colors, Crater Lake National Park in Oregon has what you need. Located in Southern Oregon, this locale is home to the US’s deepest natural lake. And because of its proximity to the mountains, this gorgeous body of water gets its unique color from fresh snow and rain falling directly into it.

You can take in its enchanting views with a 33 mile-long scenic drive that takes you through the most enthralling parts of the wilderness that surround the lake. Or you can choose to enjoy it on foot and take advantage of over 90 miles of lovely hiking trails. Of course, if you’re looking to explore the unique and bewitching allure of Crater Lake itself, you can also book a boat tour on your visit.

Cooper Landing, Alaska

Alaska is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife. Cooper Landing is a short distance from famed bodies of water, such as Kenai, Skilak, and Tustumena Lake. So it’s the perfect place to pitch your tent and explore the natural wonder that the area has to offer. While there, you’ll enjoy beguiling views of vibrant blue waters, snowcapped mountain ranges, and a wide variety of unique wildlife that inhabits the area.

Any of these gorgeous lake vacation opportunities can provide the refreshing experience you need to fully enjoy the autumnal season and take stock of all the wonderful things in your life.

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