The Best Outdoor Adventures for Adults To Try

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Have you and your friends decided to add a little adrenaline into a trip this year? Take the plunge into a heart-pumping journey with these two trip ideas.

When you and your friends are a thrill-seeking group of adults, it can be a challenge to settle on a vacation spot that’s just the right mix of intensity, adventure, and intrigue. Sometimes, the best way to find your next group outing is by deciding on a new adventurous activity to try and searching for the best locations to do it. Open your mind to the possibilities of the best outdoor adventures for adults to try, and pick up a new skill while you’re all together on a journey.

White-Water Rafting

If you’re not afraid of getting wet and chasing rapids, adding a white-water rafting trip to your itinerary is the right move to make. Not only is white-water rafting an adrenaline-pumping, fast-paced odyssey downriver, but it also works well as a team-building exercise. Everyone needs to work together to stay afloat—metaphorically and literally. With the right guide, your group will have a blast paddling around foam-coated rocks, swirling whirlpools, and brilliant natural water features.

Tack on a camping trip mid-adventure to spend more time appreciating the strength of nature and the beauty of wildlife. You can make your white-water rafting expedition the highlight of a larger trip or the bulk of the trip itself, depending on how long of a journey you want to take.

Mountain Climbing

Another activity that is more fun to do when you have a full group is mountain climbing. A guided mountaineering expedition can teach your squad valuable lessons about nature, survival, and the climb itself. Whether you take on a small mountain together or take a trip overseas to a famous landmark, your group will cool off as you make your way to the summit for a successful climb.

Though you’ll all be safer as a group and with an expert mountain guide, you’ll still need to watch out for the challenges mountaineers face and follow all instructions to a tee. Mountain climbing can be extreme at times—so one mistake might have costly consequences. Dangers aside, however, climbing a mountain for the first time as a group is one of the best outdoor adventures for adults to try—you definitely can’t bring a child on a multi-day mountain climbing and camping trip.


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