The Best Outdoor Things To Do in Florida

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Looking for something fun to do in the humid heat of Florida? Well, look no further; Here are some simple activities you can enjoy all over Florida.

All over Florida there are plenty of fun group activities waiting for you to enjoy. Though Disney World is always an option, there are super affordable and accessible ways to experience the uniqueness of Florida during your stay. Florida is known for its amazing beaches but there are also outdoor adventures to experience such as water sports, seeking natural attractions, boating, etc. Overall, Florida offers a great variety of amazing opportunities for group activities all while providing a beautiful atmosphere and great weather.

Kayaking in Florida

One thing known to Florida would have to be its clear water and warm weather. Kayaking is the perfect activity to enjoy with a group of people. There are clear kayak tours offered in many cities from Orlando to Fort Pierce. With over 1,000 miles to explore of lovely ocean shoreline, Florida is kayaking paradise; not to mention, the lakes, rivers, and streams it has making it very accessible to do this activity anywhere you are!

Pro Tip: it is best to kayak in the winter season from late October to early March because there are fewer storms making the waters calm. But, other than that, it is warm in Florida all year round!

Florida hiking trails

Florida hiking trails

Florida Hiking

At first thought one may not think hiking is an option in Florida, but believe it or not, Florida has some great hiking trails. There may not be huge mountains but, the hills and grasslands are great places to explore. Having varied terrain, there are levels of difficulty for every skill level of hiker. Also, there are such beautiful landscapes it is a great was for some adventure as well as exercise!

People love to explore amazing national parks and forests in Florida including the Everglades National Park. The trails range from easy to very strenuous with some stretching over 99 miles!

Another hike, one known for being most beautiful can be found in Naples called the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary which has a 2.25 mile long boardwalk for visitors.

Leisure Group Travel magazine has plenty of resources to help prepare you for your adventures with their Tips for Hiking Trips as well as Things to Consider Before Hiking With Kids. These sites would be perfect before embracing on a hike with your group.

Dune Buggy Riding in Florida

Looking for an adrenaline rush? If so, why not try dune buggy riding? This off-road experience will give your group a whole new perspective being able to ride on various sand dunes as well as beaches. Often, the buggy’s hold two people but there can also be scheduled group rides with a number of people. This may be a bit different but will totally give you all a wild ride!

You will be able to ride for around one to two hours through varied terrain such as forests or the many tropical farmlands of Florida. Prices stem from around $40 per person but depending on where you go, how many people, and how long, the price will vary.

Fly fishing in Florida

Fly fishing in Florida

Florida Fly Fishing

Something that is a little more unique to Florida is fly fishing. Unlike typical more traditional fishing, fly fishing uses an unweighted object to fish rather than weighted. Florida is a great place to take part in this pastime because of their saltwater fly-fishing opportunities. In this excellent setting, this is a great place to find a variety of fish species.

Islamorada is a place people love to fly fish which is located on the Florida Keys. With popular fish species including Snapper, Redfish, and Tarpon, this place has a lot to offer to its fishers and is known as one of the best spots for a good catch.

Another location people are attracted to for this sport is Boca Grande. Here, many gather mainly during the months from April to October for fly fishing.

Love fishing in general? There are some other great spots in the country mentioned in the Best Bass Fishing Spots in The U.S. that Leisure Group Travel magazine offers.

Experience An Everglade Tour in Florida

If your groups love wildlife, this is the perfect excursion to embark on during your time in Florida. With breath taking national parks, this activity is something that doesn’t take much effort but still allows you to see many scenic views. Groups have the chance to book private tours and this tour is like no other.

“The Sunshine State” is overall a great chance to immerse oneself in nature and makes group activities super accessible with tons of open space. Not only can you enjoy the beautiful beaches will visiting, but there are several incredible things to do in Florida so make sure to take advantage of some of these great ideas!

With families or first-time visitors, popular activities lean toward the similar style with things like the everglade tours or kayaking. These activities are fun and exciting while still allowing the groups to see Florida in its true light. As for regular travelers, the fly fishing and hiking are more their style because of the familiarity with the surroundings and looking for something to do as a hobby.

There’s still plenty of other things to do in Florida and places to see. If you’d like to get even more travel ideas and information about Florida and other locations, just Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel magazine for FREE

By Nicole Partis

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