Find the Best Hikes in the Mountains To Try Around the U.S.

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Across The Country, Hiking Trails In Mountains Set Themselves Apart From Other Attractions, Placing Them Among Some Of The Best Hikes You Can Experience

If you and your friends are searching for some adventure in your next outing, a group hiking trip through the mountains may be the perfect answer. Mountains offer some of the best hikes, as they often provide a degree of challenge while simultaneously rewarding you through the scenic vistas and abundance of nature on display all the way till the end of a visit. Here are some of the best mountain hiking trails to try in the U.S.

Cascade Mountain, New York

A part of the Adirondack High Peaks, Cascade Mountain’s steep and rocky hike attracts many visitors. This trail is generally considered accessible but can be difficult for those less experienced, so more novice hikers in your group should consider how much of a challenge they desire. During your hike, you’ll see sparkling lakes, green forests, and snow during the wintertime, while the summit will give you an incredible view of the surrounding area.

Mount Whitney, California

Mount Whitney has one of the most popular hiking trails in mountains due to its status as the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States. Since this trek can be a bit more challenging, it’s best to stay safe on your mountain hike by bringing along an intermediate or experienced hiker for your trip. The trail typically takes around twelve hours or is split into multiple days, but the stunning views of lakes and nearby landmarks like the White Mountains and Death Valley National Park will make the trip well worth your time and effort.

Grand Teton Loop, Wyoming

Another one of the best mountain hiking trails to try in the U.S. is the Grand Teton Loop. When you visit Wyoming, you must stop by. While also challenging, this trail’s length is great for those who love to camp. In addition, the Grand Teton Loop showcases great views of the Teton Range, beautiful alpine lakes, and fields of wildflowers. The trail also has plentiful water resources to draw from during your journey.

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Anyone who enjoys a hike through the woods should visit Mount Mitchell. While the official Mount Mitchell Trail is better fit for experienced hikers, there are other starting points and surrounding trails that are great choices for beginner and intermediate hikers, making this one of the best hikes for groups made up of different skill levels. With the highest peak in the Eastern U.S., the panoramic views of the surrounding forests are not to miss.

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