A group hiking trip can be a lot of fun for you and your friends. If you want to see some spectacular views, explore nature, and get some exercise, try hiking in the mountains. Here are some of the best mountain hiking trails to try in the US.

Cascade Mountain, New York

If you want to try a smooth, gentle hike, Cascade Mountain is a great place to visit. The trail itself isn’t difficult, so it’s perfect for beginner or intermediate hikers. During your hike, you’ll see sparkling lakes, green forests, and snow during the wintertime. Additionally, you’ll come across beautiful waterfalls near the peak that are truly a sight to see.

Mount Whitney, California

Mount Whitney is one of the highest peaks in the lower region of the US. Since this hike can be a bit challenging, it’s best to stay safe on your mountain hike by bringing along an intermediate or experienced hiker for your trip. This trail can be difficult, but the stunning views of lakes and the surrounding mountains will make the trip well worth your time and effort.

Grand Teton Loop, Wyoming

Another one of the best mountain hiking trails to try in the US is the Grand Teton Loop. When you visit Wyoming, you must stop by. This trail will take you through the Teton Range, and you’ll be able to visit some gorgeous peaks along the route. Additionally, you’ll pass by Death Canyon, which is beautiful with green trees and flowing streams.

Mount Mitchell, North Carolina

Anyone who enjoys a hike through the woods should visit Mount Mitchell. The hike is not difficult, so it’s a great choice for beginner and intermediate hikers. At the end of the trail, you’ll emerge near the peak of the mountain and see panoramic views of the surrounding forest.