The 5 Best Trips for Your Bachelor Party

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Choose wisely for this once-in-a-lifetime experience

By Ryan Elspas

Every bachelor deserves a fitting venue for the night before the big day, and though everyone might have different tastes, this list contains a few places where entertainment abounds.

Marriage is a wonderful thing, an age-old ceremony that many couples choose to partake in every year. Traditions surrounding the ceremony of marriage vary from place to place throughout the world, yet of all the rituals and practices that compose any wedding, there is one that is especially sacred to the young bachelor. That’s right, the bachelor party. And if you’re truly looking to make this night one to remember, the first step is finding a fitting venue. Ultimately whatever you do, big or small, is up to you, but consider the following list to be a few recommendations for destinations that’ll help in deciding where to spend this once in a lifetime occasion.

1. Las Vegas Bachelor Party

A city built on entertainment where you would be hard pressed to not find something to fill your time.

What better way to start off this list than with a city that needs no introduction. Las Vegas, Nevada is famous (or perhaps infamous) the world over as a place where the party never truly stops. For those who love a wild night life, a vast array of casinos, shows, and attractions galore await all across the famous Vegas Strip and beyond. Even outside the brightly lit streets one can find adventure in the glorious desert landscapes of the national parks. Hiking, touring, sightseeing, the list goes on. With so much variety packed into one city, every excursion into the Neon City can either be planned out or improvised to fit accommodate parties of all shapes and sizes.

2. Bachelor Party in New York 

The city that doesn’t sleep has all one needs to start a party that will never stop.

The Big Apple fills a similar role for partiers as Las Vegas as it is a sprawling metropolitan paradise for bachelors seeking an urban environment for their celebrations. Though perhaps not as wild as Sin City, there is absolutely no shortage of activities, events or sights to see and plan for. Perhaps spend a cultured night on Broadway or in one of many museums. Maybe your crew can catch an exhilarating game at any of several major sporting arenas. Or, if you are just looking to spend a night on the town, go where the wind takes you. Be it bars, clubs, shopping and dining options ranging from deluxe restaurants to the best hole in the wall pizza joint you’ve ever seen, you name it, NYC has it. New York is a city of endless possibilities where the night is what you choose to make of it.

3. Anchorage, Alaska for a Bachelor Party

Far removed from the hustle and bustle of your standard big city, this frontier town is the perfect place to let loose and relax.

It might not be what typically comes to mind when one thinks of a party spot, but for those seeking something a little more unconventional or an outdoors excursion like no other, Anchorage, Alaska is the place to be. Few places in North America can offer the stunning glacial mountain views and tundral outings while being just within reach of the comforts of a major city. If you and your compadres are feeling particularly explorative on your adventure, get in touch with your wild side on a northern getaway.

4. Party in Cancun, Mexico

A haven for those who love the beach with nothing but sand, sea, and swell times as far as the eye can see.

Of course, there are more places to party than in the United States alone. Cancun, Mexico is renowned for its paradisical tropical locales brimming with crystal blue oceans and pristine beaches as far as the eye can see. As a popular tourist destination, the city is outfitted with no shortage of accommodations and activities to partake in on both land and sea. Whether you choose to take a boat out to sail the coast or stay in to enjoy a late-night drink at one of many bars and clubs, a fun trip is practically guaranteed in Cancun.

5. Experience Jaco Beach in Costa Rica 

partier’s paradise where troubles melt away in the summer sun and drift away with the tide.

If you really want a seaside party that never stops, then head to Jaco Beach, Costa Rica. This is a city that openly welcomes all visitors searching for a good time, offering beautiful sunny beaches with waves perfect for surfing and swimming as well as a collection of clubs, casinos and discos. Plus, being in close range of both the capital city of this beautiful nation and its lush tropical forests open up a whole new world of possibilities.


The ideal bachelor party trip will be suited to the interests of the groom and will have a mix of activities for day and night.

Whether it is the bright lights of Las Vegas, the sports in New York, the wildlife in Alaska, a private yacht in Cancun or the surfing beaches in Costa Rica, your bachelor party weekend can be one packed with lifetime memories. For more bachelor or bachelorette party ideas, be sure to Subscribe to Leisure Group Travel magazine and get even more travel ideas for FREE.


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