The 3 Most Scenic Camping Spots in Texas

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Read our top picks for group camping trips in the Lone Star State.

Camping is a wonderful way to explore the great outdoors, be at one with nature, and truly relax and unwind. It gives you the opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of city-life and everyday stress, and for many people, it is a convenient and affordable way to holiday. If you have plans to camp with your group and had the state of Texas in mind, then we’ve got some wonderful suggestions for you. Here’s a look at some of the most scenic group spots to enjoy in Texas.

Big Bend National Park

Here’s a chance to experience one of the more popular National Parks in Texas. Big Bend National Park consistently gets high reviews from campers who are looking for more of a rugged style getaway. This one isn’t necessarily ideal for camping newbies, or those who still like some luxuries at the site. You’ll be surrounded by mountains, canyons, and even desert across more than 800,000 acres. There are three fully-developed campgrounds you can stay at if you prefer a less-rugged experience.

This park is located in the southwest region of Texas, and is about an eight hour drive from Dallas. Because there is so much scenery and beauty to take in, you’ll definitely want to plan for more than a weekend stay.

Caprock Canyon State Park

Another scenic adventure is a stay in Caprock Canyon State Park which is synonymous with its red rock canyons, and tall red rocks that create rugged and jagged formations. There are also endless desert fields, which makes for some really spectacular photo opportunities. You can either choose to hike out into the wilderness and set up camp on your own, or stay at the drive-in campsites. It depends how remote of an experience you want.

This state part is located in Quitaque, which is approximately five hours from Dallas.

Camp Tonkawa Springs

Maybe you like the idea of camping, but aren’t exactly into the ultra-remote destinations. If that’s the case then Camp Tonkawa Springs could be an excellent destination. This one is about three hours from Dallas in Garrison, and what makes this so alluring is the fact there are activities and entertainment on-site. You still get that camping experience but in a less rugged manner.

Activities include volleyball, hiking, swimming in the pond that is red by fresh spring water, horseshoes and even Wi-Fi in the front office area. This means in your downtime or in the evenings you can retreat to your campsite and enjoy the luxuries of home away from home.

Other Notable Options

It’s hard to condense the best camping spots in Texas as there are so many to mention. Some other notable spots include Caddo Lake State Park, Colorado Bend State Park, Chickasaw National Recreation Area, Davis Mountains State Park, Oxford Ranch Campground, and Garner State Park.

Prepare for an Amazing Camping Experience

No matter which of these camping spots you choose in Texas, you are sure to enjoy an amazing experience.


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