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On the Rocky Mountain Front Range sits Colorado Springs, which is home to a variety of religious organizations in a gorgeous natural setting

Surrounded by some of the west’s most stunning scenic beauty, this town of just under half-a-million people is brimming with energy and a zest for life that you can feel in residents and visitors alike. Clean, fresh air, snow-capped peaks, dense forests, and high plains can be the ideal place to spend time communing with friends and family and sharing in a spiritual retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Colorado Springs is also the site of one of the premier training venues for Team USA athletes as well as home to a historic ranch that lets you step into the Old West.

Faith-Based Organizations Call Colorado Springs Home

Colorado Springs is home to a wide range of faith-based organizations and has in recent years attracted a large influx of Evangelical Christians and Christian organizations. There are now more than 20 religious groups with regional or international headquarters in the city, including Focus of the Family, The Navigators and Compassion International as well as several well-known ministries. This means there are many opportunities for tours and volunteering during your visit to Colorado Springs. Be sure to check out your organizations of choice to see all the offerings available before your visit.

The Olympic Dream

Colorado Springs is also a destination for some of the world’s best athletes, who visit to train at the world-class U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center. A good number of athletes and coaches live on the campus year-round. At this impressive facility, athletes push themselves and train to perform incredible feats on a global stage. It’s astonishing to think of the talent and dedication taking place at the training center, and is a testament to the incredible resilience of the human body to perform at such a high level.

Visitors to Colorado Springs now have new insight into the lives and legacies of Team USA and the entire Olympic journey at the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum. This accessible museum is an immersive experience following the lifecycle of the games from their birth in ancient Olympia until today, with spotlights on Team USA hopefuls and what it’s like to train in Colorado Springs. Visitors can participate in a simulated opening ceremony, run alongside digital versions of top athletes, experience a day-in-the-life of an athlete, and so much more. After spending time learning about some of the world’s most incredible athletes, head outside and enjoy some athletic feats with a hike up the famous Manitou Incline or a bike ride through Garden of the Gods Park.

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum in Colorado Springs

The U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Museum


Experience the Old West in Colorado Springs

For a taste of local culture and the chance to experience the Colorado of times’ past, head to the reimagined Flying W Ranch, which is open annually between May and October. In an incredible story of resilience, the ranch has lots of new additions after its unfortunate destruction by the Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012. This is the perfect place to gather with friends and family and experience the Old West like never before. Sit down for a famous three-course chuckwagon feast and enjoy delights like the mouthwatering meats, Dutch-oven buttermilk biscuits, and savory trail beans – just to name a few. All while being serenaded by one of the country’s oldest cowboy singing groups in their brand-new performance venue. The Flying W Ranch is also a great place to learn new skills and understand more of daily life in the Old West. Try your hand at Navajo rug weaving, silversmithing, horse shoeing, or hat making, and get up close with the many ranch animals living on site. And be sure to make time to take in the incredible surroundings of the Flying W Ranch, as the hiking trails and red rock formations of the area of unparalleled.

Whether you’re traveling with a group large or small, Colorado Springs is an ideal destination for your next faith-based retreat. With an abundance of religious organizations and plenty of experiences giving insight into the local culture as well as some of the most inspirational natural beauty found in the U.S., groups are sure to make lasting connections when they gather together in Colorado Springs.

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