No matter your financial situation, you can still go on a vacation this spring. From Austin, Texas, to Holland, there are many affordable spring trips out there. Whether you have a hefty travel fund or just the change in your piggy bank, find a place that fits your interests and budget and then plan it! Here are a few to pique your interest:

1. Pacific Grove, California

If you want to bring your kids along, Pacific Grove is a perfect place for the family. Within walking distance of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, as well as just 17 miles from Pebble Beach, there is plenty to do. Even the town is a quaint Victorian seaside paradise. Learn to surf in a group, or take a private lesson. For the best food in town, use your cell phone to check the local reviews on Yelp.

2. Joe’s Valley, Utah

A more outdoorsy type? Take a trip to Joe’s Valley, Utah. Joe’s Valley is one of the premier bouldering and rock climbing destinations in the world. If you’re looking for a vacation that is off the beaten path, this is certainly it. Whether an experienced climber, or just exploring the terrain, bouldering keeps you low to the ground, so the likelihood of injury is slim. There are a couple different campsites to choose from and a nice grocery store, the Food Barn, not far away in Orangeville. For those who enjoy camping under the stars and some physical activity, Joe’s Valley is a veritable paradise. However, sometimes accidents do happen and you don’t want to be caught with your phone out of batteries. It’s a good idea to bring along a solar charger for your phone, so no matter what happens you’ll be able to get in touch with the people who matter most.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam doesn’t exactly fly under the radar when it comes to vacation spots. This historically rich city has seen great artists such as Van Gogh, and Rembrandt. The museums and parks of the city are unrivaled, but in spring the museums and history take a back seat to tulips. Rent some bicycles and head out to the countryside to see Keukenhof garden and arboretum, one of the largest open-air flower exhibitions in the world.

Travel abroad with a cell can be a hassle as switching your service to include Europe or Asia costs an arm and a leg. Sometimes a short-term satellite phone might be the best (and cheapest) way to go to stay in touch with family and friends back home.

4. Austin, Texas

Known for its laid-back nature and thriving music scene, Austin, Texas, is an amazing place to spend your spring break. Without the punishing summer heat, or the winter rains, Austin becomes an oasis. Want some night life? Austin has got that covered. For some live music check out theSahara Lounge or Elephant Room for drinks and some jams. The next day head out of town into Hill County to hike or tube on the river. Protect your smartphone with a waterproof case before flopping down in your inner tube.

5. Jeju Island, South Korea

Billed as the Hawaii of Korea, this island lives up to the title. Swim in the ocean at Hamdeok Beach, scuba diving off the coast of Seogwipo, and hike Hallason, the volcanic mountain that formed the island. There deep lava caves to explore and Sunrise Peak to climb. This out-of-the-way island offers a host of amazing experiences.

Remember to take some power converters. There’s no doubt you’ll want to take pictures on your trip.