Seven Ways for Travel Groups to be Colo-Ready

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With more than 40% of Colorado’s landscape managed by state and federal agencies, it’s likely your tour will take in some of the state’s marvelous scenery

The Care for Colorado Coalition is an unprecedented collaboration of more than 60 statewide organizations, businesses and agencies that serve to keep Colorado unspoiled. As a proud stewardship partner, Tour Colorado helps cultivate an appreciation and understanding of Colorado’s untamed uniqueness by educating visitors.

“Destination stewardship is a priority for the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO). CTO was the first tourism office in the United States to reach out to Leave No Trace to develop these seven Care for Colorado Leave No Trace principles as a guide for visitors and residents to travel responsibly,” says Barb Bowman, CTO.

Before exploring the wilds of Colorful Colorado, become part of the solution and practice these fundamental principles to keep the Centennial State resplendent for everyone.

Consider This

Colorado’s agencies oversee 42% of the captivating landscape with cities and counties safeguarding even more. Reduce waste and stay hydrated in the dry climate with convenient reusable water bottles and thermal cups. Explore lesser-traveled off-season spots for a deeper connection to nature and less impact on more popular areas. Springtime in Colorado is not immune from late-season snowstorms.

Grand Junction

Traverse Thoughtfully

When traveling any of the thousands of designated trails, stay in the middle even if they are muddy/slushy. Wet leaves and vegetation along trail edges make them vulnerable to damage and erosion. Shortcuts present the likelihood of plant and habitat destruction. Wear proper footwear such as sturdy, well-insulated, waterproof boots for enjoyable traversing.

Look, Don’t Touch

The allure of discovering Colorado’s natural environment brings more than 80 million visitors each year. Leave plants, historical artifacts and rocks as you found them so that others may experience the joy of exploration. Capture scenery with snapshots and forgo natural keepsakes. All flora and fauna are living things, so maintain good intentions and judgments. Don’t carve into trees or mar ancient rockfaces as this can kill and disfigure the natural splendor.

Keep Colorado Clean

If your group carries it in, carry it out. Pick up refuse and leave a place better than you found it. This includes cores/peels, bottle caps, cigarette buts and litter. When washing yourself, your pets and other items, do so at least 200 feet from bodies of water and use biodegradable soap. Harsh chemicals can kill marine/plant life. Pack out paper products using a disposable waste bag found at most outdoor stores.

Mesa Verde

Fire Awareness

The low humidity in Colorado creates a dry climate more susceptible to wildfires. Check for fire restrictions in your group’s area before building one. Keep all campfires small and manageable and never leave them unattended. Smokers should be extra vigilant in ashing and properly disposing of cigarettes. When extinguishing, water your campfire until you can manipulate the embers. Avoid building fires at trailheads and parking lots.

Respect Wildlife

Tens of thousands of plant and animal species call Colorado home. To ensure their safety and your groups, do not approach, chase or feed wildlife. View them from afar and allow nature to thrive undisturbed. Fleeing animals are forced to expend crucial energy reserved for surviving cold winter months. Springtime is full of blossoming wildflowers and nesting animals, so travel thoughtfully, give them extra space and be sensitive to nature.

Respect Travelers

Colorado’s magnificent environment invites visitors to unplug and reconnect with nature. Silence cell phones and speak softly so your group doesn’t disturb others. Allow folks, including those in your group, to resonate with the symphonies of nature. Be considerate and move aside for uphill bikers/hikers so they can keep their much-needed momentum.

For more information about how to prepare for your group’s next Colorado adventure and tools for group planning, visit here.


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