While it is fun to think about lounging at the pool, sampling unique cuisine, relaxing at the spa or bargain hunting at the outlet with your best girlfriends friends, don’t forget the practical aspects of planning a girls weekend getaway.girlfriends getatway

Here’s 7 tips from our editors for planning a memorable girlfriend getaway:

  1. Get everyone involved in the planning so no one gets stuck doing it all. Typical tasks to split – one friend handles airline tickets, another arranges transportation to and from the airport. One or two people can scout out hotels and resorts suitable for girls getaways while another group can research things to do and meal options.
  2. Pool a few hundred dollars from each participant in advance for group expenses like meals out and Ubers or taxis so you don’t have to calculate everyone’s share of an expense at every stop along the way. This gets confusing and tiresome. Split whatever money remains at the end of the trip, or better yet – buy your girlfriends a nice memento from the vacation so they have something to remember it by.
  3. Share the luggage load if you are staying near one another, no need for everyone to travel like a diva!
  4. Make sure that your budgets are compatible. Having a similar level of income doesn’t mean people like to spend money the same amount on travel. Understand in advance how costs will be split and put it in writing if need be.
  5. To limit the chance for screw-ups with reservations and deposits while making the most of your precious time, put one person in charge of coordinating activity plans and another person in charge of meal plans.
  6. Often items like airfare, resort reservations and show tickets are non-refundable. Be clear about when someone’s trip payment becomes nonrefundable so that if they drop out, they understand they cant get all their money back and the remainder of participants do not get stuck with higher rates for their share of the trip.
  7. Be aware of the third wheel factor. Some girls may be closer with one another than others. A small group may want to party while others prefer going to bed early. Don’t be pressured to make decisions, remember this is vacation! And if you don’t get along with a certain subset, don’t go with them if that may bother you.

You may find yourself returning from your girlfriends trip having a wonderful time and wonder if everyone wants to go on another some day soon. Since your friends may have the same question, let them know how much you enjoyed being with them and how you would like to do it again!

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