If you saw my kids’ extra-curricular schedule, you’d swear I was insane. I’ve been told an idle mind is the devil’s workshop, so my three spend their free time in the pool, at the school gym or the ballfield instead of in front of a screen. Swimming, scouts, soccer, baseball, hockey, volleyball, tae kwon do and golf – we keep ̓em on their toes!

One of the perks of fatherhood is coaching my children’s extra-curricular activities. What I enjoy most about coaching is it allows me to see my sons or daughter up close, but outside the context of our family. To watch how they interact with other coaches and teammates, react under pressure, play goofy or serious. You don’t get their version of events and circumstances, you live through them.

My No. 1 rule is that I never coach my kids differently than anyone else’s and live by the following mantra – play hard, have fun, no rants, no raves and, above all, be a good teammate.

Our Team

Many of the same rules apply for the team I coach here at Leisure Group Travel and Premier Travel Media. I’m blessed to be surrounded by such a dedicated group of people who genuinely care about making a difference.

Managing editor Randy Mink skillfully guides our editorial with a keen eye for detail and a sharp pen. Recent University of Missouri School of Journalism graduate and budding staff writer Miles Dobis has honed his skills over the past 15 months and in the process has developed a flair for creative travel writing. Editorial coordinator Danielle Golab ensures all client itineraries are in order and knocks out feature stories. Columnist Marty Sarbey de Souto has been offering advice and perspective on how to run better group travel programs since 2001. Dave Bodle serves up Southern regional content, thanks to his extensive contact network and often intense travel schedule.

The man putting all the puzzle pieces together for the past seven years is Rob Wyszkowski. Rob juggles multiple projects, tight deadlines and the myriad of photos, edits, ads and special requests while still managing to deliver this magazine and keep his sanity.

That’s not all. Throughout the year you’ll read contributions from nearly a dozen freelance columnists and feature writers who help shape Leisure Group Travel’s content. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Thanks to growing niche markets and custom publishing projects, our team keeps expanding. This past year we launched custom travel and sports guides for Indiana, Minnesota and Michigan, with an inaugural Colorado guide slated for this August. To feed this growth, a new editor joins our staff this month, while new business development, marketing and support staff have been added.

Like the travel industry, the publishing world continues to evolve. As you plot your next journey, know that our team is committed to helping you along the way.