Specialist tour operator software developer Creative Technology NZ, announces its entry into the North American market, bringing with it Odyssey, a modern software solution designed to positively disrupt the multi-day (organised travel) sector. Odyssey sets new standards with its user friendly design, innovative features, streamlined business integration and a personalised approach.

Odyssey is a management software platform specifically designed for multi-day tour operators such as cycling and hiking, who require a modern, easy to use system for managing the complexities of customers, suppliers, logistics, communications, operations and much more. Odyssey offers a comprehensive solution to operators burdened by disjointed processes and legacy systems.

Born out of New Zealand, the Adventure Capital of the World, the focus for Odyssey is to disrupt the current multi-day operating model. Co-Founder Al Check says “the multi-day sector is at a pivotal turning point, and is ripe for efficiency and productivity improvement”. An area requiring balance is between the Booking System and the Operating System. Al says, “The highest priority for Operators is to get the booking, so the perceived tech need is on the buying-selling process. The Operator is then left running their operations and leaking profits with low or no tech systems e.g. spreadsheets”.

Multi-day tours can be complex, there’s lots of moving parts, logistics, communications, people and resources to manage. “Multi-day operators need much more than a passenger list from their tech.” Growing a business using analogue, spreadsheets or multi-apps can be a recipe for disaster. And this is the big stress, frustration and risk for tourism business owners, staff, and their providers. Odyssey solves this problem by being the provider, the connector, and the curator of data. Taking a complex business model and simplifying it. The driver should be to invest in tech for the heavy lifting, repetitive work? If you do a task more than once, systemise it. Operators must get their systems, process and data management foundations in place before they can even think about Ai.”

Odyssey tour management endorsement

Simon Stevens, General Manager of Trail Journeys, testifies to Odyssey’s transformative impact: “The new software was particularly well suited to the multi-day trips offered by Trail Journeys. It’s a very comprehensive product which met our needs really well” confirms Simon. “Bookings are easier to manage and quicker, which is important as they often involve many logistical parts per tour – bike and equipment hire, storage, accommodation, luggage transfers, tours within the tours. The team quickly realized how beneficial it was to have everything in one solution. So we’ve ended up with something really, really good that meets our needs and ensures we deliver great service to happy customers”

Customers today are paying more for travel, so they have higher expectations for professional, accurate and accessible information. The customer journey has numerous service ‘touchpoints’ with the Operator. So if you get the service deliverables right, customers will pay you back in repeat, reviews and referrals. Check says, “Odyssey users have NPS (net promotor scores) in the 80-90’s – this is considered world class”. Tourism across the globe generally sits around 40-50. Our clients’ customers love our luggage labels because they ‘know their luggage is taken care of’. And they love getting their personalised itinerary on the mobile app. If you want your products to stand out from others, then you have to stand out with professional services, streamlined operations and an Operating System that serves your business, your staff and your customers well.

For media inquiries, please contact Al Check, co-founder. www.myodyssey.app, info@myodyssey.app, www.linkedin.com/company/myodysseyapp/