I’ve discovered through the years that the publishing business is not dissimilar in nature to the tour business. While our readers/travelers are enjoying our latest magazine/tour, we’re typically focused on what’s coming up in the next 30/60/90-day window. What has to be done to ensure this magazine/tour leaves the building in good fashion?

My point here is that while most people are awaiting Santa’s arrival on their rooftop, you and I are already into the first quarter or beyond. I should have wished you happy New Year in October!

So while this edition puts a bow on 2017, we’re already hard at work on making Leisure Group Travel an even better resource for you in the coming year. Here are a few things we have in store:

Regional News starts in January

I don’t have to tell you, there’s a lot changing in the travel sphere. From new attractions, theatrical schedules and exhibit changes, to personnel changes and hotel developments, staying on top of what’s happening in your favorite destinations requires combing through dozens and dozens of emails, social media posts and what have you. No more. Every edition of Leisure Group Travel will now feature dedicated regional news coverage of what’s happening across the U.S., broken out by region. Featured in both the print magazine and online LeisureGroupTravel.com, these sections focus on new and noteworthy so you can hone in on what’s most important to you.

New Custom Travel Guides

Our custom publishing division has been cranking out some excellent work, by witness of the 2018 Indiana Group Tour Planner that accompanies this edition. Come January, new guides will be published for Wisconsin and Minnesota. In April, a new Illinois publication debuts and in May we launch a brand new travel guide for the International Inbound Travel Association. That’s just the first half of the year! These guides are superior resources that provide a comprehensive overview of the group travel landscape in these destinations, accompanied by ready-made itineraries. If you missed a planner, downloads are available at LeisureGroupTravel.com.

Stronger emphasis on itineraries

Our 2017 Group Intentions Survey revealed a number of interesting trends. Among them, 65% of readers indicate a reliance on pre-made itineraries as top resources used for planning trips. This came in second, only to travel trade magazines (73%), much higher than trade shows (less than 50%). Our goal is to provide you with even more ready-made itineraries in Leisure Group Travel this year, with an increase in customized, niche-oriented trips. As you can see, we have a busy year ahead for us. I’m curious, though, what are your plans for success in the coming year? Write or call anytime, I’m eager to know. Jeff@ptmgroups.com, 630.794.0696.

Happy 2018!

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