Leisure Group Travel spotlights 19 great American museums that will enhance any tour itinerary.

When you think of museums, what comes to mind? Long hallways? Glass cases? Ancient artifacts we glance at for a moment before moving on to the next display? While this might be an accurate description of some institutes, top-tier museums are much more than buildings full of objects and facts. The best museums are portals to other worlds. They take us thousands of feet below the surface of the earth and millions of miles into outer space. They guide us across continents, back through centuries and into the future. They let us see our own reflection in the eyes of people who have long since passed, and they help us to better understand the roots from which humanity has grown.

Early morning views of the Smithsonian Castle

Early morning views of the Smithsonian Castle

Museums are timeless attractions that capture visitors’ attention regardless of age and background, and this makes them perfectly suited to accommodate groups. The following 19 museums will enhance any travel itinerary.

Milwaukee Art Museum

As home to 30,000 works of art, Milwaukee Art Museum has Warhol prints, Athenian urns and everything in between. Browse one of the largest collections of Georgia O’Keeffe paintings, or attend MAM After Dark to enjoy music, food and after-hours access to the galleries. Be sure to see the current feature exhibition, Van Gogh to Pollock: Modern Rebels, and discover the men and women who redefined art for generations to come.

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