Katy spotlights the city’s craft beer tradition and outdoor activities

What Fort Collins attractions would you recommend for groups?

We have a breadth of attractions that are popular with groups. We are the craft beer capital of Colorado, so attractions like New Belgium Brewing and Odell Brewing Company offer tours for large parties and are great introductions to craft beer. Our downtown is also a major attraction for groups because it’s the inspiration for Disneyland’s Main Street, U.S.A. and provides a very quintessential all-American experience. It’s very walkable and easy to explore, with easy motorcoach parking and beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains.

Does Fort Collins offer outdoor activities?

We have over 50 natural areas within the city that are protected for environmental purposes that contain many hiking trails and paved pathways that are ideal “soft excursions” for groups that don’t want a strenuous experience. We’re also next to the Cache la Poudre River, which is the state’s only Wild & Scenic River. There are five rafting companies that utilize the river for commercial trips.

What Fort Collins dining experience would you recommend for groups?

Ginger and Baker offers fantastic group service and can take reservations in advance. The restaurant is in a building that dates back to 1905, and they have completely remodeled the beautiful space. The menu focuses on delicious farm-to[1]table ingredients and baked goods, and there is also a teaching kitchen that can really immerse your group in Ginger and Baker’s philosophy and showcase how the meals are prepared.

What distinguishes Fort Collins from other cities in Colorado?

We are always receiving feedback that people feel they are not a visitor and that they are truly treated like a local in Fort Collins. We’re also very well-positioned and in close proximity to quintessential Colorado attractions like Rocky Mountain National Park as well as other group-friendly cities like Cheyenne. We are an excellent hub-and[1]spoke for groups to consider.

What would a personal itinerary around Fort Collins look like for you?

I would start the day by heading to Horsetooth Resevoir with my paddleboard after stopping at Vatos Tacos to get a breakfast burrito for fuel. After paddleboarding, I would come back to Old Town for a bite to eat while listening to an outdoor concert or people-watching in the town square. That evening, I would catch a show at the Comedy Fort, which is an incredible stand-up comedy venue that offers performances almost every night.

How has Tour Colorado benefited Visit Fort Collins and its other members?

Tour Colorado is really the preeminent voice for group tourism in the state, and they do a phenomenal job representing us at shows for tour operators across the country. Any groups that visit the state and work directly with Tour Colorado are ahead of the game since they are so up-to[1]date on DMOs, hotels and attractions that save the operators valuable time.