A Must Visit for Chocolate Lovers

When the word “Swiss” is mentioned, those of us with a sweet tooth immediately think chocolaty thoughts. And for good reason—Switzerland is the chocolate capital of the world and a pioneer in producing this irresistible taste treat.

Chocoholics now have a new destination for immersing themselves in the world of Swiss chocolate, and it’s located just 10 minutes south of Zurich. Lindt Home of Chocolate, a modern three-story attraction, has become a tourist magnet since opening in September 2020 next to the historic Lindt & Sprüngli factory building in Kilchberg.

Lindt’s new chocolate museum is 10 minutes from the center of Zurich. Lindt Home of Chocolate

Lindt’s new chocolate museum is 10 minutes from the center of Zurich. Lindt Home of Chocolate

A visit to this state-of-the-art showcase for the worldrenowned candy manufacturer begins in the entrance hall, where one of the world’s largest chocolate fountains stands 30 feet tall and holds 3,300 pounds of real flowing chocolate. Curving staircases, suspended walkways and imposing skylights lend the building a particular elegance, setting the tone for what is to follow in Switzerland’s largest chocolate museum.

Guided group tours at Lindt Home of Chocolate take guests through exhibits that explain the origins of chocolate, how it became a popular drink in Europe and how innovative Swiss entrepreneurs in the 19th century used milk to make the velvety smooth indulgence we know today. On the hour-long journey of discovery, visitors also learn how cocoa pods are cultivated, harvested and then processed into fine chocolate that practically melts on the tongue. Through the windows of the pilot plant, a high-tech factory/test facility, visitors see Lindt chocolate squares or bars being made before their eyes.

Perhaps the best part of touring Lindt Home of Chocolate is enjoying the finished product. At the end of the exhibition, visitors can sample pralines to their heart’s content.

Hands-on courses in the Chocolateria classroom let guests make their own masterpieces—bars, truffles or pralines—under the guidance of a Lindt Master Chocolatier.

In the world’s largest Lindt chocolate shop, chocolatiers demonstrate their craft as they put the finishing touches on freshly made delicacies, and they can create a bar exactly to your wishes.

Chocolate dreams come true in large cups at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe, where you can infuse your hot chocolate with fresh cream or Lindt’s Crème Noir cocoa cream.

Lindt’s gleaming new showplace is a must-see for connoisseurs of fine chocolate.

For more information, visit MySwitzerland.com/Lindt.

By Randy Mink